What Is Netflix’s ‘Deaf U’? Everything You Need to Know About the New Reality Series

Model and activist Nyle DiMarco is making moves to reduce the stigma attached to the deaf community.

The former America's Next Top Model winner has teamed up with executive producers to create Netflix's Deaf U, a groundbreaking new docuseries that will focus on college students who are deaf and hard of hearing. According to DiMarco, this new show will highlight the "diversity and layers in the community." But what exactly can viewers expect? And when will the series premiere? See below for more details about Netflix's Deaf U.

1. What Is 'deaf U' About?

Deaf U will follow a group of deaf students as they navigate the ups and downs of college life at Gallaudet University, a private school for the deaf and hard of hearing.

During Netflix's virtual Television Critics Association press tour, DiMarco explained that the main purpose of the series is to show that people in the deaf community are just as diverse and complex as everyone else.

He said, "As you'll see, this is a very tight-knit group of cast that we have who all come to the table with different stories, different histories, very unexpected, and a lot of drama. But the point of it all is that deaf people are human. We’re the same as human people, we go through the same as hearing people."

2. Who's In The Cast Of 'deaf U'?

So far, we know that the cast includes Daequan Taylor, Cheyanna Clearbrook, Renate Rose and Rodney Buford—all of whom are college students. The docuseries will also be executive produced by Shannon Evangelista, Eric Evangelista and Brandon Panaligan.

In an interview, Clearbrook revealed that she hoped the show would "break boundaries down for everyone," while Buford revealed that the series would showcase deaf culture. He explained, "You see we have our own college, have our own culture. We have our own challenges but the culture’s so rich."

FYI, over 50 percent of the crew and creative team are part of the deaf community too, according to DiMarco. He tweeted, "Having deaf creative voices and crew members was critical in creating this show to achieve telling an authentic story." Inclusion FTW.

3. where Does 'deaf U' Take Place?

The show takes place at Gallaudet University, which is located in Washington, D.C. It's currently the only higher education institution where all programs are designed to accommodate students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

4. Is There A Trailer For 'deaf U'?

There sure is. Netflix released an official trailer on Sept. 23 and, clearly, there's no shortage of gossip, awkward moments or messy romance situations. Right off the bat, we see an exchange between two of the main characters, who seem to have some romantic history. When the guy asks the girl if their relationship can be rekindled, she simply responds by saying she wouldn't mind sleeping with him. And that's just the beginning, guys.

5. When Does 'deaf U' Premiere?

The entire first season of Deaf U, which includes eight episodes, will be coming to Netflix on Friday, Oct. 9. Get your popcorn ready.

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