‘Black Mirror’ Fans Are Gonna Love This Brand-New Sci-Fi Drama (and It Comes Out on Thursday)

If you've ever wondered what it would look like to see a fearless woman face off against the world's most powerful artificial intelligence (and you're not looking to revisit 1984's The Terminator), then you're in luck.

Allow us to introduce Mrs. Davis, the upcoming Peacock series that'll hit uncomfortably close to home. It's set in a society that's quite similar to our own, where an omnipresent, Siri-like algorithm called Mrs. Davis has practically taken over. Everyone believes it to be a helpful and positive resource, but there's a tiny fraction of the population that doesn't trust it, including Simone, a Catholic nun who's determined to take it down. (...Or shall we say, her?)

According to show creators Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez, it's a genre-bending series that blends sci-fi and intense action with drama and comedy. Black Mirror fans will definitely appreciate the show's relevant themes, but it puts a unique twist on the typical storyline of AI programs being evil.

Lindelof told The Hollywood Reporter, “Instead of the AI wiping out humanity, what would that look like? To us, that felt like the more potentially comedic and interesting way of looking at the God question, which is: What do people turn to God for? How does God make people feel? The thing about AI is it takes away the best part of God’s branding, which is mystery.”

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Star Betty Gilpin also gave fans an idea of what to expect when it comes to her skeptical character, Simone. She told Hollywood Reporter, “I feel like I either play these hardened, sarcastic, sardonic or wry characters or characters who have their arms wide open and are vulnerable and hopeful. This character really is both.”

The actress added, “She may have started as the first kind, but her faith really changed her as a person. We see a lot of flashbacks to what she was like before she was a person of faith.” Sounds like she's been on quite the journey.

In addition to Gilpin, Mrs. Davis stars Jake McDorman, Margo Martindale, Andy McQueen, Ben Chaplin, David Arquette and Elizabeth Marvel. You can stream the first four episodes of season one on Peacock on April 20, and the remaining four will air in the following weeks, with the finale dropping on May 18. *Marks calendar.*

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