5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Love, Victor’ Star Michael Cimino

The 23-year-old opens up

Michael Cimino.
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Michael Cimino is doing everything these days. After the 23-year-old actor wrapped his breakout series—Love, Victor—in June 2022, he released his first-ever EP, I'm Somewhere Out There, that following November. Then, he made memorable appearances on Never Have I Ever and How I Met Your Father in 2023. Oh, and if you've got kids in the house, they probably recognize his voice from the Disney Channel series Hamster & Gretel, where he plays the main role of Kevin Grant-Gomez.

While we're not sure how the Las Vegas native has any free time (what with his growing number of endorsements, his frequent modeling shoots and his strict workout regimen), PureWow had the chance to chat with Cimino as he discussed his new partnership with Invisalign. So, we took the opportunity to ask about everything from his burgeoning music career to his go-to fashion staples.

1. He’s Obsessed with Thrifting

While Michael’s rising star probably leads to lots of free goodies from the top-name brands, he still prefers thrifting over anything else, especially when it comes to trying new looks.

“I like getting old pieces for super cheap—that's so fun to me,” he said. “ I love it so much.”

Cimino added: “Sometimes you won't be willing to take a big risk on a piece if it's super expensive, but if you go thrifting, it's like, ‘Alright, well, let me just try it and see if it works.’ But you wouldn't have taken that risk if you had spent $150 on a piece.”

2. He Can’t Stop Listening to MARO

As a singer-songwriter himself, Cimino is always exploring new music, and there was one artist he couldn't stop praising: MARO.

The Portuguese winner of the Festival da Canção 2022 came up multiple times during our chat, and the “Stay the Night” singer discussed how she's inspired him.

“She pulls so many traditional ideals into her new music and incorporates them in such a beautiful way,” he said. “And I definitely think that is something that I look towards and strive to be like.”

Other artists that he mentioned loving included Victoria Monét, Lucky Daye, Ryan Beatty, Christian Kuria and Chiiild.

3. He’s Still Working on His Smile

No, the 23-year-old is not rocking the wires and colorful bands that you imagine when you picture braces. However, he does still use Invisalign to give him that gorgeous smile, which is why he was excited to partner with the brand in the first place.

“I've been using Invisalign for a just totally works with my schedule and lifestyle,” he explained.

While Cimino notes that typical braces can often “put actors in a box,” he says he loves Invisalign for the “ease of use.”

4. He’s a Jorts Enthusiast

When asked what three items he would pick for a summer capsule wardrobe, Cimino chose a linen button-up, tank tops/graphic tees and...jorts.

“I have a pair of jorts that I wear all the time,” the Love, Victor actor happily confessed. “Ya know, jorts are back in style.”

He emphasized his point, adding, “They just work! They're great. [People] can say what they wanna say about jorts—I love jorts.”

We're right there with you, Michael.

5. He’s Switching Up His Sound

After releasing an EP last November, Cimino teased that fans can expect another extended play in the near future. And while he's typically worked with an R&B sound, the Senior Year star revealed that he's been experimenting more than ever before.

“[My sound's] always rooted in R&B, but I really wanna try to push the envelope and mix different genres together,” he said. “Honestly that's the future of music to me. I think music is all about sounding familiar but kind of changing the name of the game.”

He added: “Especially right now during the strike, I have so much extra time, so I've been spending a lot of time focusing on my music...I've been experimenting more and really pushing myself creatively to kinda try new things.”

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