Martha Stewart Dishes on Her Love of Rap, the Super Bowl and Throwing a Foolproof Party

Martha Stewart’s expertise knows no bounds. In addition to being the master of her own empire, a cooking, entertaining and overall lifestyle authority and a published author, she somehow still has a few surprises up her sleeve. When we chatted with Stewart about her and her pal Snoop Dogg’s brand-new Tostitos strips and avocado salsa commercial (which will air leading up to the Super Bowl), she let her hair down and told us all about her love of rap, her unexpected football knowledge and, of course, offered a few hosting tips we’re committing to memory.

1. Martha on Rap

One might think Snoop Dogg, an actual rapper, would be the biggest fan of the music genre in their fabulous twosome. But the 78-year-old domestic doyenne is a rap aficionado, too. She said that Snoop, 48, “helps me understand what the rappers are saying. He can distinguish it easier than I can, even though I love rap music and I love the poetry that goes with it.” Add that to our list of fun facts.  

2. Martha on the Super Bowl

Honestly, Stewart was a lot more hyped for the Super Bowl than we first expected. Stewart admits she hasn’t completely studied the teams—the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs—but she’s sure it’s going to be “a big battle.” Regardless of the outcome, Stewart said the event itself will be incredible, and she would know—she’s been attending the Super Bowl for 20 years. This year, however, there’s an added plus since it’s in Miami. “The weather’s going to be great and the parties are going to be fabulous,” she noted.

This year’s face-off will also be better than the last because her and Snoop’s commercial will be broadcast leading up to the game. She called the spot, “a little risqué in that we’re trying to out-do one another” and added that the premise is “good apart but better together,” kind of like her and Snoop.

On the day of the big game, Stewart noted that party hosts should always have “a really good signature drink and a lot of good savory foods, finger foods primarily, and little plates that people can take back to the couch to watch the game.” 

3. Martha on Throwing the Ultimate Party

When it’s not game day, Stewart says her mantra for throwing the ultimate party is simple. “Most important for anybody who’s planning to entertain is to be organized,” she said. “Have a clear list either written down or in your head of what you’re going to be doing and ahead of time, make sure you have all the ingredients so that can enjoy the preparation, the serving and your day.”

Amen to that, Martha.


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