What Really Happened to the Plane at the End of ‘Manifest’ Season 3?

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Anyone who has seen season three of Manifest will agree that the finale raised way more questions than it answered.

Not only are we none the wiser about Flight 828's whereabouts during the five-year gap, but also, there's the question of what caused Cal's (Jack Messina) shocking reappearance, what Ben's (Josh Dallas) next steps will be and, more importantly, the reason behind Captain Daly (Frank Deal) and the plane's mysterious disappearance at Eureka. What happened to the plane? And how is this connected to all the biblical references that we've seen throughout the series?

We may not have concrete answers just yet, but thankfully, they'll come with the premiere of the fourth (and final) season on Netflix. Still, show creator Jeff Rake is already dropping some major clues about where the plane might be.

While speaking with TV Insider about the puzzling phenomenon, he explained that the plane may have gone to a certain divine realm. He said, "We are now in a realm where we are talking about our passengers interacting with the divine, so Captain Daly is interacting with the divine. Where has Captain Daly been since he bewilderingly disappeared a year and a half ago in story time? Whether it’s purgatory, whether it’s the netherworld, these are terms and concepts that Ben and others will struggle to understand."

Rake continued, "That idea of the divine taking you away, but keeping you in a holding pattern—which is probably an apt flight analogy—as your ultimate fate is determined speaks to where Captain Daly has been...What that place is, I’m gonna let Cal speak to that when we come back in Season 4."

If you recall, Cal vanished in the finale after touching the tail fin of the plane at Eureka, then he reappeared as a grown man after the fin was dropped back into the ocean (unbeknownst to Ben). Then, towards the very end, the entire plane (including the tail fin) disappeared. Given all the chaos that's already ensued because of the passengers' callings (a term coined by Ben and Michaela to describe the voices in their heads), it looks like we'll be seeing Ben and the gang turn things up a notch as they try to investigate this mysterious realm that no one seems to know about.

Rake said, "They’ll be poring through the Bible, they’ll be poring through the Noah’s Ark myth, and other biblical stories to try to understand exactly how to access this place, wherever it is, how one gets in and how one gets out, and that’ll be part and parcel of how they try to save themselves."

Sounds like the 828ers are in for quite a ride in season four—and we're totally on board. 

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