Hey, Thrill Seekers: There's Now a 70-Story-High Glass Slide You Can Ride in L.A.

Just watch Guillermo from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" try it

Today in yessssss news: Los Angeles is prepping for a huge new attraction downtown.

And that's a glass can ride...1,000 feet above ground.

The OUE Skyspace LA connects to the observation deck of the U.S. Bank Tower, the tallest building west of Chicago. Although we initially imagined whirling around the circumference of the building a few times, it only spans one story. (If that gives you any of you acrophobes comfort.) Essentially, it's a 45-foot-long glass box you scoot down on a carpet mat. But, ya know, high above a buzzing metropolis.

Everyone from the TODAY show to Jimmy Kimmel Live has given it a go, and you can, too, starting tomorrow. That is, after Snoop Dogg kicks things off with a massive block party, open to the public. See you on the 70th floor.