Hulu's ‘Life & Beth’ Season 2 Is a Must-Watch (& It's Even Better Than Season 1)

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Indisputable fact: Season one of Hulu's Life & Beth was thoughtful, riveting, unfiltered and so freaking funny. Fans got to see a new side of Amy Schumer, her chemistry with co-star Michael Cera was unmatched and we couldn't get enough of Maya's blunt comebacks. So, you can imagine our surprise when Cera, who plays John, suggested that season two would exceed everyone's expectations. He recently told PureWow, "I think this season is better than the first season, and I liked the first season."

Well, two binge-watching sessions later, we realized that Cera was right. The new season, which will be available to stream on Hulu tomorrow, maintains the same tone as season one, going from a poignant drama one moment to a quirky rom-com the next, and it's jam-packed with recognizable stars, from Jennifer Coolidge to Margaret Cho. But what truly makes this season surpass the first is how it skillfully balances weighty topics with humor.

We won't reveal any spoilers, but it's worth noting that the new season tackles topics like infidelity and substance abuse. Thanks to flashbacks, it digs even deeper when it comes to exploring Beth's past traumas and how they trickle into many areas of her life. There's so much to unpack regarding Beth's problematic history with men and her complicated relationship with her sister, Ann. And while certain scenes are pretty intense and heart-wrenching, they don't feel too excessive or melodramatic—thanks to Schumer's stellar comedic timing and a healthy dose of funny one-liners.

Aside from taking viewers further into the mind of Beth, season two also offers some insight into the lives of her loved ones—including John and Ann. It's especially fascinating to see shared memories of Beth and her sister from Ann's point of view, and one can't help but sympathize with John, who happens to have some baggage of his own. Beth's gal pals are also given a bit more dimension as they deal with their challenges and navigate the changes in Beth's life. But the real scene-stealer among the group is Beth's no-nonsense bestie, Maya, played brilliantly like Yamaneika Saunders.

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So if you, like us, have wondered how the show's writers could possibly top such a solid first season, rest assured that you'll get plenty of raw humor, awkward moments, wild adventures and strong performances all around.

Season one of Life & Beth is now available to stream on Hulu, and all 10 episodes of season two will drop on the streaming service tomorrow, February 16.

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