This ‘And Just Like That’ Finale Moment Was Completely Improvised by Kim Cattrall

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*Warning: And Just Like That season two finale spoilers ahead*

Fans have not been able to stop talking about Kim Cattrall making a brief cameo as Samantha in the highly anticipated And Just Like That…season two finale. Hell, we’re still not over it yet. 

Viewers eagerly tuned in to see Samantha and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) have a quick (but heartfelt) exchange on the phone. But, what if we told you the scene featured a clever moment of improv from the fab queen herself?

During a new episode of And Just Like That… The Writers Room podcast, the show’s writer, director and executive producer, Michael Patrick King, candidly shared that Cattrall’s decision to kiss the phone at the end of the conversation was not written in the script. 

In the episode, Samantha (sitting in a taxi cab) calls Carrie on the phone and apologizes for not being able to attend the last party she will ever have in her NYC apartment. “Thank you for everything,” she says to her friend. “You f***ing fabulous, fabulous flat.”

When she hangs up, Samantha kisses the phone—which is a gesture that was, according to King, devised by Cattrall. “Not in the script,” King reveals to the podcast hosts. “It’s just totally a moment of an actor playing the moment and it’s really nice.”

The 67-year-old actress has been open about her disinterest in returning to the Sex and the City franchise. However, she has always had a deep love for her character Samantha. “I don't think I'll ever say goodbye to Samantha,” Cattrall said during a June 2023 interview with Today. “She’s like a lot of other characters that I've done over the years—I get very emotionally attached and protective of my characters.”

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We’re so happy to have you back, Kim. 

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