Body Language Expert Says Kate Middleton Has *This* in Common with the Late Queen

First, we discovered that Kate Middleton and the late Queen Elizabeth shared a passion for photography. Then, we found out they were huge fans of the competition series, Strictly Come Dancing. And now, we're learning that the royals had the same go-to non-verbal communication skill.

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According to body language expert Darren Stanton, who observed how they developed over the years, both the Princess of Wales and the late queen shared the (not-quite-as-common-as-you'd-think) habit of maintaining eye contact while engaging with other people. Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, he said, "[Princess Catherine] has lots of great eye contact, which people have said is like the Queen because the Queen had fantastic eye contact."

As we've seen from Princess Catherine's past royal engagements—including her most recent visit to Young V&A—the royal always makes a conscious effort to relate to those she speaks to by maintaining eye contact, whether it's a foreign leader or a primary school student.

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Stanton explained that the princess has always valued this gesture. He said, “Kate’s eye contact is generally pretty amazing. Normal eye contact usually lasts three to five seconds, but Kate often exceeds that. She tends to maintain contact for five to six seconds before looking away. She obviously feels that eye contact is very important whilst speaking to people and getting on their level.”

Perhaps the royal's impressive eye contact skills are a reflection of her growing confidence, which Stanton has also observed since she joined the royal family.

"Kate carries around her own forcefield," he said. "In the last few years, Kate has become so much more confident as an individual person. Back in the day, she never used to stay at events for long when she was on her own—she was pretty quiet and introverted. But now, we see her attending events on her own. She’ll get out of the vehicle with a bodyguard and she’ll strut around with a confident posture."

If you ask us, we'd say the princess and the late queen also had this confidence in common.

Keep shining, Princess Catherine.

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