Everything We Know About Jerrod Carmichael's Dating History

You may have seen the name Jerrod Carmichael making headlines lately.

First, the comedian came out as gay on his HBO special, Rothaniel, which dropped in April 2022. Then, he snagged his first Emmy Award for the comedy project. And in December, it was announced that the North Carolina native would be hosting the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Clearly, this rising star is bringing his A-game when it comes to his career, but what about his personal life? Or, let’s just cut to the chase—does Jerrod Carmichael have a boyfriend or is he dating anyone right now? 

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We did a bit of sleuthing and, as it turns out, the actor and comedian hasn't opened up about his love life or publicly confirmed whether he's seeing someone. So as of now, his relationship status is unknown.

Still, Carmichael has been very open about his sexuality. And his friend, Ari Katcher, played an instrumental role in helping him come out through his comedy special.

Carmichael told Vanity Fair, "I called [Ari Katcher] just to talk something out and it started sounding like stand-up, and I was like, 'Oh yeah, here’s this art form that I hadn’t touched in like four or five years, that’s pretty immediate.' Instead of waiting for cinematographer availability, I could go to the comedy store tonight. So then I did, and I said things, because I hadn’t talked about being gay on stage before. And so saying it, it’s like I kind of learned how to say it—and learned how to make it into an act."

As for who he has dated in the past, the Neighbors actor has kept his personal life pretty private, often keeping his comments about dating to a minimum. However, in his 2019 HBO special Home Videos, Carmichael revealed that he has connected with men.

While discussing the topic on The Breakfast Club, he said, "I’m always gonna present things as honest as I can. I just accept that if you’re not gonna accept that—you’re not gonna accept me, you’re not gonna accept my work. I’m cool with that,” he said. “I’m cool with letting that go. I don’t think that that’s—in any way—a disruption to life, or to career, or to personal relationships that I care about."

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While the actor has been keeping his romantic life under wraps, he's been busy keeping fans entertained on screen. Most recently, he served as the host on Saturday Night Live and did a variety of sketches including "Shop TV", "Seatt Fillers" and the "Post-COVID Game Show." Plus, Carmichael is set to star in the upcoming film Poor Things, which will follow a young woman who gets brought back to life by a scientist.

We can't wait to see what else Jerrod has in store this year.

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