Who Is Jamie Foxx's Daughter, Corinne Foxx? Here's Everything We Know

As you may have noticed, the internet's been buzzing about Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!the brand-new comedy series that claimed the number one spot on Netflix's list of most-watched shows in less than 24 hours. Jamie Foxx stars as the comical single dad, Brian Dixon, but unbeknownst to most fans, the show is actually executive produced by Jamie Foxx's daughter, Corinne Foxx.

Still, working behind-the-scenes with her famous dad is just one of many projects that the 27-year-old actress has been involved in. So, who is Corinne Foxx? From starring in multiple movies to co-hosting a successful podcast, here's everything we know about her.

1. Who Is Jamie Foxx's Daughter, Corinne Foxx?

Corinne Foxx (born Corinne Marie Bishop to Jamie Foxx and his ex-girlfriend, Connie Kline) is a model, actress, writer and producer. After studying public relations at the University of Southern California, she attended Howard Fine Acting Studio and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since then, she's earned a few acting credits and, as previously mentioned, she's been serving as executive producer on her dad's show. However, it turns out there's a lot more to Foxx than her famous last name.

2. Corinne Foxx Owns An Online Magazine And Lifestyle Platform Called 'foxxtales'

The online platform, which was launched in 2017, features a number of insightful posts about wellness, entertainment and lifestyle, including a "Girl Powered Shop" that highlights female-run, artisan businesses. And according to the official website, Foxx aims to connect readers to "people, places, stories, and content that inspire and fuel the soul."

She adds, "From featuring budding artisan business women to documenting travel experiences across the globe, Foxxtales is a meeting place for creative minds and souls. Foxxtales is just not Corinne’s story. It’s everyone’s story."

3. She Also Co-hosts A Podcast

Corinne Foxx and her BFF, Natalie McMillan, currently co-host a fun podcast called Am I Doing This Right‪?‬. On the podcast, both ladies discuss the uncertainty of adulthood by addressing common questions, like how to complete your first tax return and how to navigate online dating—although they consider themselves far from experts on these topics.

According the official description, "The goal isn’t to provide all the answers, but to bring comfort to our audience knowing they aren’t the only ones asking the same questions. This evergreen podcast will act as a guide book for young people on how to kickstart their adulthood. This 'learning along the way' approach makes this podcast less of a Ted Talk and more of a happy hour."

4. She Appeared In Pharrell Williams's Music Video For "happy"

Yes, really. According to her IMDb page, Foxx made an appearance as a dancer in Pharrell Williams's music video for "Happy" in 2013. She and her dad also joined the artist on stage at the 86th Academy Awards as backup dancers while he performed the upbeat song.

5. Her Acting Roles Are Pretty Diverse

So far, Foxx has done three feature films, and they're all quite different. For instance, she played Sasha in the 2019 horror film, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, then starred as Kaycee Stone in Disney's 2020 biographical sports drama, Safety. And later this year, the young actress is working right alongside her dad in the upcoming sports comedy, All-Star Weekend.

6. Corinne's Work On ‘dad Stop Embarrassing Me’ Marks Her Executive Producing Debut

While speaking with Forbes about her transition into producing, Foxx explained that it felt intimidating at first, but added that it was a "really big learning experience."

She said, "I was the youngest and the only female producer on the show. I was stepping into these rooms with Netflix executives, with people who were seasoned and had these long careers. Not to say that any of them weren't sweet and amazing to me, but I knew these were big shoes to fill, and I had to level up very quickly. At first, I was very intimidated by it, but then I remembered no one knows the material better than me because this is based on my life. I think that took some of the pressure off because no one can speak to this more than I can."

7. Is Corinne Foxx Active On Social Media?

She definitely is, and her Instagram account boasts nearly 480,000 followers. Her feed features a number of cute throwbacks, stunning selfies and promos, so you can definitely keep up with her latest moves by following her personal page. If you want to stay updated on her podcast, you can also follow her IG page for Am I Doing this Right?.

Keep the momentum going, Corinne!

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