Hulu's ‘Death and Other Details’ Is a Cross Between ‘Knives Out’ & ‘The White Lotus’—and We Love It

Calling all murder mystery fans

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death and other details
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Classic whodunnits are back, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Shows like The Afterparty, Poker Face and Only Murders in the Building deliver suspense with a fun twist, while movies like A Haunting in Venice and They Cloned Tyrone chill us to the core. Nothing beats getting wrapped up in a riveting murder mystery with major plot twists—and thankfully, Hulu has delivered another compelling title that makes us want to channel our inner Sherlock (and you can currently nab Hulu for only $8/month).

Allow us to introduce Death and Other Details, a new mystery drama that revolves around Imogen Scott (Violett Beane), a young woman who's forced to team up with a detective from her past after becoming the prime suspect in a locked-room murder mystery. And the best part? It all takes place on a luxurious cruise ship that's occupied by the rich and powerful. Thanks to the twists and turns, the glamorous setting and commentary on class divides, fans of Knives Out and The White Lotus are sure to take a liking to this series.

Right from the first episode, Beane and Mandy Patinkin, who plays Rufus Cotesworth (or shall we say, "the world's greatest detective"), are instant standouts. Beane shines as Imogen, the brilliant but troubled young woman who puts on a brave face, and Patinkin delivers a stunning performance as the egotistical detective. He's no Benoit Blanc—he's a disgraced detective who drinks constantly and seeks to fix his reputation. Still, his mind is sharp enough to discern the smallest details and think ten steps ahead, making him skilled enough to join Blanc's ranks.

It's when Imogen and Rufus finally cross paths that the magic really starts to happen. After a tense reunion at a public dinner, the characters quickly develop a rather interesting bond, going from enemies to crime-solving partners while sharing a complicated father-daughter dynamic (much like Mabel and Charles and Oliver from Only Murders).

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Michael Desmond/Hulu

Still, the fact that they're trying to solve a murder amongst the rich and glamorous on a lavish boat makes this show all the more fascinating. And best of all, it feeds our appetite for stories that tackle timely themes, like privilege, class and gender dynamics. (For instance, the sharp divide between the ship's staff and the elite inner circle is apparent from the very beginning, and it's sure to remind you of the gap between the rich tourists and resort staff members on HBO's The White Lotus.)

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Michael Desmond/Hulu

The first two episodes of Death and Other Details are now available to stream on Hulu, with the remaining eight episodes premiering every Tuesday until March 5.

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