It’s official: Henry Golding is a father!

While he may be up for grabs on the big screen, the handsome actor is actually happily married to his wife, Liv Lo, and the couple just announced that they have welcomed their first child together. But who exactly is Henry Golding's wife? Here's everything we know about his other half, including details on their big news.


The 35-year-old was born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan. Her mother is Taiwanese and her biological father is Italian. “The truth is I AM TAIWANESE and I am a third culture kid,” she recently revealed on her Facebook page. “I was raised in a bilingual household in Taichung until 17 and hold a Taiwanese passport. My biological father didn't raise me — in fact, I have never met him. My Dad, surname Lo, is from Hong Kong and raised us bilingually because they wanted a bigger world for our family.”

Like her husband, Lo is no stranger to being in front of the camera. She is a TV host for Fox Movies Asia and also created her own workout program called FitSphere, that offers video tutorials combining yoga and high-intensity interval training.


The pair began dating in 2011 after locking eyes on a night out. But it was Lo who made the first move.

“We were in a club on New Year's Eve and I saw her from afar and she was this wildcat,” Golding revealed on Live with Kelly and Ryan. “Halfway through the night...she steps in my way and she says, 'Why haven't you said hello to me yet? I'm leaving tomorrow and you're never going to see me again—what are you going to do about it?'” Talk about a kickass move.

“Don’t you just love it when a woman just punches you in the face?” Golding said. “It’s hot when a girl takes you by the collar.”

The duo went out for brunch the next day. But Lo lived in Tokyo at the time, and Henry lived in Singapore, so they dated long distance for a while, proving that it can work.

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Of course the rom-com star gave Lo a magical proposal. Speaking with Her World in 2018, Lo revealed that Golding popped the question on their fourth anniversary.

“We were on holiday in Phuket,” she said. “We had the best day riding on motorbikes to temples, finding secret beaches and eating spicy Thai food.” Lo then explained how Golding pulled out all the stops.

“He had booked a restaurant at sunset that ‘just so happened’ to have a string quartet playing and was serving champagne on arrival. But, I just thought he was being romantic as it was our anniversary,” Lo said. “However, we took a stroll on the rocks and he proposed at the magic hour. Unforgettable.”

Honestly? We're not surprised.


The same article that gave us the juicy details about the romantic proposal also revealed that Golding and Lo got married at the Cove 55 resort in Sarawak, Malaysia on August 20, 2016.

And it sounds like the couple are as in love as ever. “My wife is the best woman in the whole universe,” Golding recently told People. “She’s so strong, she’s extremely loyal, independent. I wouldn’t be able to do it without her, so it’s wonderful to be able to have this success, but also, it’s wonderful to be able to share it with her.”

5. Do they have any children?

They sure do. The couple recently welcomed their first child together.

On April 5, 2021, the duo revealed the exciting news in separate Instagram posts. “This woman right here. Beyond anything, I could have ever imagined,” the Crazy Rich Asians star captioned his post featuring a black-and-white image of the couple and their newborn. “Your strength brought us our greatest joy. Thank you, I love you.”

They first revealed they were expecting back in November 2020, when Golding shared a sweet Instagram slideshow of himself and his pregnant wife accompanied by the caption, “2021 is already looking brighter.”

Lo also shared the news in her own series of posts (including one featuring her bare baby bump). “Such immense joy this little one has brought us already. Now we get to share it with you. We love you!” she wrote in one post, adding in another, “Here’s the kicker boy or girl?”


Lo and Golding seem to have a great sense of humor—especially when you see what happened when Golding asked her to appear in a video.

“It was a beautiful sunset, I think I was filming in Vancouver so she was visiting me and we went for a walk together,” he told Jimmy Fallon.“And there are these dandelions that you blow and make wishes. I was like, 'Babe, I'm going to get this in slow-mo. Just make a beautiful wish of whatever you want in life.'”

Sounds sweet, right? But things didn't quite go as planned—at least not as she planned. Watch the funny clip above and see for yourself.

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