Hulu’s Latest True-Crime Series Is a Total Miss—But Here’s What You Should Watch Instead

Not all streaming options can be winners. But with so much content out there, surely someone can tell us what shows to watch and which shows to skip. Well…

On this week’s episode of PureWow’s brand-new entertainment podcast, Stream On, my co-host Rachel Gulmi and I do just that.

We had high hopes for Hulu's latest true-crime docuseries, Have You Seen This Man? Unfortunately, as Rachel points out in our episode, the show totally misses the mark (so now you can turn your attention to more enjoyable options, like The Thing About Pam on NBC).

The story behind the series sounded pretty fascinating: A man committed bank fraud and stole $350 million. After being caught and charged, he was supposed to surrender himself to the courthouse. But he never showed up, kicking off one of the most intense manhunts in the history of the U.S. Marshalls.

Concept? A+. Execution? Clearly not so much.

According to Rachel, “I only watched the first episode and I fell asleep. I normally never do that.” She goes on to explain her thinking before concluding, “I just wasn't hooked in.”

Disappointment in this show aside, Rachel and I do give some reccs of shows to actually watch. Not only do I reveal which dystopian thriller on AppleTV+ is must-binge TV, but Rachel and I also get *into* it over whether Bridgerton season two is high quality or total trash.

Check out Rachel’s full thoughts on Have You Seen This Man? in the episode here or below at the 14:30 timestamp. (Listen to the full episode for all of our streaming recommendations.)

And in case you missed last week’s episode of Stream On, we talk about everything from our love of The Office to our predictions for the Oscars (clearly we couldn’t predict it all...), as well as our takes on new releases, like the Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan-starring Hulu movie Fresh and The Dropout featuring Amanda Seyfried.

They can't all be hits, but luckily there's no shortage of content to turn to instead.

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