I Binged All 3 Seasons of This Genius, Laugh-Out-Loud Netflix Show in a Week (& Yes, I Know I’m Late to the Party Here)

Is there anything Sara Bareilles can’t do?

girls5eva-netflix-review: (L to R) Busy Philipps as Summer, Renée Elise Goldsberry as Wickie, Sara Bareilles as Dawn and Paula Pell as Gloria in Episode 306 of GIRLS5EVA. All four women are dressed in bright gold outfits and wear glitter on their faces. They are all singing into microphones.
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As an entertainment editor, it’s my job to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest television has to offer. That means closely monitoring the top ten shows on Netflix, keeping an eye on the latest Max shows and more. But with so much content to sift through (a lot of which, let’s be honest, isn’t that great), I’ll occasionally miss out on a must-watch show—and I’m so mad I let this one slip through the cracks. I finally got around to one of the buzziest comedies out there, Girls5Eva, and I couldn’t stop watching until I’d binged all three seasons on Netflix (this process took me a whopping seven days).

The series first debuted back in 2021 on Peacock, with a sophomore season arriving in 2022. And then in 2024, after a two-year hiatus, the comedy show switched streaming services and launched season three on Netflix. All three seasons are available to watch—and they are so easy to fly through at warp speed.

The show features a fabulous core cast, consisting of Sara Bareilles (yes, the singer/songwriter), Renée Elise Goldsberry, Busy Philipps and Paula Pell. This comedy squad plays four women who used to be in a girl group during the 1990s and had one smash hit song…but that’s it. The story picks up in the present day when a remix of their song goes viral and they decide to get the band back together. Comedy and some really fun (and catchy) new songs ensue.

If you loved 30 Rock as much as I did, you’ll love this show. No question. The tone and comedy is nearly identical, bouncing between the absurd and the hysterically-all-too-real with ease. Even the background music will have you thinking…Liz Lemon?

Bareilles is the closest thing to the “straight man” in this comedy, but as with Liz Lemon, we constantly find her character Dawn in impossible, implausible and ridiculous situations. Goldsberry’s Wickie is the ultimate diva making over-the-top demands all the time (and I’m obsessed with her “invisible” grand piano). Pell’s Gloria is reminiscent of Melissa McCarthy’s Bridesmaids character Megan both in brashness and in heart. And Philipps’s ditsy Summer could easily fall into the category of “annoying characters we wish would stop speaking” if it weren’t for her nuanced performance and the show’s killer writing.

And as an added bonus, we get constant cameos from the girl group’s now-deceased fifth member, Ashley, played by Ashley Park (who I truly adore—her performance in Beef is particularly inspired).

Plus (yes, that’s me using italics again), the songs in the show are actually good. Some are intentionally absurd and others are pure bubblegum pop, but it’s hard not to bop along to all of them.

The episodes are wildly bingeable as they clock in at 30 minutes or less. And the seasons are short. Seasons one and two feature eight episodes apiece and season three features only six episodes. (So I guess I don’t feel as bad that I watched the whole thing so quickly…)

Yes, I’m late to the party, but on the off chance you are too, do yourself a favor and watch this truly genius ensemble comedy.

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