The 30 Best Family Shows on Netflix to Watch Right Now

We can all agree that a) screen time—in moderation, of course—is a necessity and b) no one has time to sift through the overwhelming number of options available on streaming services to find a single piece of quality programming for their kid. Good news: We did the research for you and came up with a short list of the very best family shows on Netflix, so you can more easily settle on an age-appropriate watch that will please all parties.

The Top Ten Movies on Netflix Right This Second

Family shows on netflix Pokemon Journeys

1. Pokemon Journeys

  • Suitable for: 7+; Rated TV-Y7

Pokemon-loving families will find this popular TV series, based on the anime franchise, endlessly entertaining. Parents should know there is light cartoon violence, but the content is kid-friendly and the episodes are action-packed, so there’s never a dull moment.

Family shows on Netflix Free Rein

2. Free Rein

  • Suitable for: 6+; Rated TV-G

Here, a tender drama from across the pond about a teenage girl and her strong connection with a hard-to-tame stallion. The equestrian aspect is but one feature of the show’s storyline, which mostly centers on friend drama and other highly relatable coming of age themes. Indeed, it’s primarily the strong female role model and teachable moments in this one that make it a winning watch for tweens.

Family shows on netflix Fast and Furious Spy Racers

3. Fast and Furious: Spy Racers

  • Suitable for: 9+; Rated TV-Y7

Tweens with a need for speed are liable to binge on this fast-paced and thrilling TV series in which teenage street racers join forces with the government to bust a rival street racing gang with a criminal agenda. The content is somewhat mature (think: illegal activity and moderate violence), but more age-appropriate than you’d expect from a show based on the namesake movie, and there are some redeeming positive messages thrown in for good measure.

Family shows on Netflix The Big Family Cooking Showdown

4. The Big Family Cooking Showdown

  • Suitable for: 9+, Rated TV-PG

Budding chefs and cooking show enthusiasts of all ages will get a kick out of this British competition in which three-member, multi-generational family teams battle it out in the kitchen. Needless to say, teamwork and creativity are the keys to success—but, competition aside, parents will appreciate the positive portrayal of cooking as a means of bringing both families and cultures together.

Family shows on netflix Raising Dion

5. Raising Dion

  • Suitable for: 11+; Rated TV-PG

A Black second grader with supernatural powers faces off against a villain, while simultaneously navigating the challenges of growing up. Raising Dion boasts nuanced and racially sensitive subplots, relatable peer interactions and mostly tame content (i.e., very mild violence and PG portrayals of bullying). Nevertheless, the intensity of the show make it better suited for the older tween and teen crowd.

Family shows on netflix Fuller House

6. Fuller House

  • Suitable for: 10+; Rated TV-PG

Fuller House, a sequel to the exceedingly popular TV series from the 80s, serves up plenty of nostalgia. (We see you, Millennial parents.) The cast will also look familiar, since all the main actors from the original—with the exception of MK&A Olsen—reunited for this fresh take, in which DJ Tanner is a mom-of-three running a household of her own. Equal parts wholesome and humorous, this blast from the past is just what you’d expect.

Family shows on netflix Anne with an E

7. Anne with an E

  • Suitable for: 12+; TV-PG

Anne of Green Gables gets a decidedly dark makeover in this TV series about an orphaned teen and the prejudices and hardships she faced growing up in the 19th century. This version lacks the lighthearted tone of its predecessor—a fact that fans of the classic might be taken aback by—but it does boast a thoughtful and emotionally complex storyline, as well as empowering messages on gender equality.

Family shows on netflix The Baby-Sitters Club

8. The Baby-Sitters Club

  • Suitable for: 10+; Rated TV-G

Based on the popular book series for young adults, the Babysitters Club is a tween-oriented TV series that features an oh-so wholesome and highly relatable group of teenage entrepreneurs. Family issues and peer group drama take center stage in every episode—childhood diabetes, absentee fathers, remarriages and overprotective, widowed parents are among the topics covered—but the characters are likable and the content hits the coming-of-age nail on the head.

Family shows on netflix Go Go Cory Carson

9. Go! Go! Cory Carson

  • Suitable for: 3+; Rated TV-Y

There’s absolutely nothing objectionable about this sweet and simple show for toddlers and preschoolers about a little kid car and his daily interactions with family and friends. If you’re looking for guilt-free screen time that serves up social-emotional learning in spades and won’t overstimulate your tot, this one fits the bill.

Family shows on netflix Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

10. Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

  • Suitable for: 6+; Rated  TV-Y

The gang of pranksters in this TV series based on the Captain Underpants books deliver plenty of laughs…and that’s about it. Although totally harmless, this show isn’t to be valued for its educational content—there are no lessons learned—and if you don’t get down with potty humor, you should definitely keep scrolling. In other words, file this one under ‘pure entertainment.’

Family shows on netflix Super Monsters

11. Super Monsters

  • Suitable for: 4+; Rated TV-Y

Queue this one up for the littles before Halloween (or whenever, really) because the friendly monsters in this animated series are anything but scary. In fact, the group of six supernatural friends that star in the show will feel like peers to your preschooler—and well-behaved ones who model perfect pro social behavior, at that.

Family shows on netflix Avatar- The Last Airbender

12. Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Suitable for: 12+; Rated TV-Y7

This animated show based on Chinese mysticism features a boy who was trapped in ice and freed to save the world from chaos with his elemental powers. The backstory involves massive genocide—but don’t worry, it’s not portrayed. In fact, the violence in the show is artfully done and not at all gratuitous, and the combination of fantasy, action and spirituality in the plot will enthrall parents and grade schoolers alike.

Family shows on netflix The Legend of Korra

13. The Legend of Korra

  • Suitable for: 8+; TV-Y7

Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender should proceed directly to The Legend of Korra, a sequel to the former featuring a new avatar—a female protagonist this time—and a similarly rich storyline. The animation is easy on the eyes and the series is replete with positive messages, to boot. Families who are fond of the genre will find this one delightful to watch.

Family shows on netflix Shaun the Sheep

14. Shaun the Sheep

  • Suitable for: 4+; Rated TV-Y

This claymation gem from the creators of Wallace and Gromit features a gang of animals who are always getting into trouble—and the mishaps are wildly entertaining. Uproariously funny and irresistibly charming, this animated series is appropriate for even the youngest kids and entertaining for all.

Family shows on netflix Our Planet

15. Our Planet

  • Suitable for: 10+; Rated TV-PG

Kids of all ages can feast their eyes on animal life and breathtaking natural wonders in this educational docuseries, which boasts stunning visuals that are sure to inspire an appreciation for the Earth in viewers of all ages. As with most nature docs, though, there’s some mating and hunting scenes that parents should be prepared to explain.

Family shows on netflix Julie and the Phantoms

16. Julie and the Phantoms

  • Suitable for: 8+; Rated TV-G

Here, a ghost story that will tug on your heartstrings. Julie and the Phantoms centers around a musically gifted girl who, grieving the loss of her mother, finds solace in an unexpected place—namely, three sympathetic specters. This poignant series has positive messages about friendship and resilience, and top-notch music to boot.

Family shows on Netflix Jurassic World- Camp Cretaceous

17. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Suitable for: 9+; Rated TV-Y7
This is a gripping animated series featuring teenagers, a bunch of frighteningly realistic looking dinosaurs, and loads of action and adventure. It’s fun to watch, but likely too scary for younger kids. Parents should also be aware that reviewers unanimously caution against sticking with it through the series finale, as it seems that the content is considerably less age appropriate in season 5.

Family shows on netflix Alexa and Katie

18. Alexa and Katie

  • Suitable for: 10+; Rated TV-G

A strong female bond takes center stage in this coming-of-age dramedy about two besties, Alexa and Katie, one of whom (Alexa) is battling cancer. The show addresses Alexa’s illness in a thoughtful and age-appropriate fashion and, above all, tween viewers will be inspired by the wholesome and supportive relationship the girls share.

Family shows on Netflix The Worst Witch

19. The Worst Witch

  • Suitable for: 6+; Rated TV-G

Magical, fantasy-fun and mild scares are on the menu when you tune into The Worst Witch, a family-friendly TV show based on the bestselling book series. This one boasts realistic and relatable tween behavior, balanced with positive messages and strong female characters. Basically, it’s a shoo-in for the intended audience.

Family shows on netflix Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events

20. Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Suitable for: 10+; TV-G

Neil Patrick Harris and Patricia Warburton star in this TV spin-off of the popular book and movie franchise. For those who aren’t familiar with Lemony Snicket, it’s a gripping story about orphaned siblings who encounter menacing characters and perilous situations on their search to unlock the secrets of their family. Parents can expect morbid themes, a creepy atmosphere and a solid dose of deadpan humor from this melange of dark comedy and despair.

Family shows on netflix Floor is Lava

21. Floor is Lava

  • Suitable for: 8+; Rated TV-PG

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is the made-for-TV version of every grade schooler's favorite bored-at-home activity. If you’ve had enough of your children leaping between pieces of furniture and using the entire contents of their dresser to avoid making contact with the carpet, turn it on and the high-stakes game will become a spectator sport.

Family shows on netflix Chip and Potato

22. Chip and Potato

Suitable for: 4+; Rated TV-Y
Here, another animated show for the little kid crowd that’s completely inoffensive. Chip is a lovable pup who braves the first day of school, navigates new friendships and comes into her own with the help of her best friend, a mouse stuffed animal (Potato) that’s secretly real. Sure, the cloyingly sweet family relationships and messages about friendship are a bit heavy-handed…but let’s be honest, that’s kind of what every preschooler needs.

Family shows on netflix Puffin Rock

23. Puffin Rock

  • Suitable for: 3+; Rated TV-Y

Parents of toddlers and preschoolers who are in search of sweet and wholesome programming that isn’t too flashy will swoon for this charming animated series about two young puffins and the animals they play with on the island they call home. Chris O’Dowd narrates with a soothing Irish lilt and the pace of each episode is slow but never boring. The end result is a show you won’t regret turning on right before bedtime.

Family shows on netflix iCarly

24. iCarly

  • Suitable for: 11+; TV-G

This interactive comedy for tweens and teens encourages social media use by directing them to engage on the namesake site, but the content of the episodes also focuses on key related issues, which means that watching it with your tech-savvy kid could be an excellent conversation starter.

Family shows on netflix The Spectacular Spiderman

25. The Spectacular Spiderman

  • Suitable for: 7+; Rated TV-PG

If you’re the parent of a superhero-obsessed kid, you’ll be pleased to know that this action-packed TV series take on the classic comic book story of Peter Parker (i.e., Spider-Man) will nurture much more than said kid’s basic instinct to fight off the bad guys—namely because the very mild, cartoonish violence takes a back seat to the rock-solid values of the main character who, against all odds, is an absolute gem of a teen.

Family shows on netflix Is It Cake?

26. Is It Cake?

  • Suitable for: 8+; Rated TV-PG

Is it Cake? Is a family-friendly baking competition in which adult baking enthusiasts try to trick the judges with insanely lifelike edible creations. Whimsical and wildly entertaining, this one is a fun and appropriate watch for all but the youngest kids.

Family shows on netflix The Last Kids on Earth

27. The Last Kids on Earth

  • Suitable for: 9+

Peril and light scares are offset by comedy in this clever TV series in which a group of teens battle monsters and villains in a post-apocalyptic world. There is a notable absence of adults in the show (hence the name), but the shenanigans are mild and the suspenseful storyline promises to keep tween audiences on the edge of their seats.

Family shows on netflix Selena-The Series

28. Selena:The Series

  • Suitable for: 10+; Rated TV-PG

Much like the movie by the same name, Selena: The Series is based on the true story of Selena Quintanilla-Perez, a Tejano music sensation who was tragically murdered at the peak of her career. Although the murder is central to the story, the series has more to do with her rise to fame than the unfortunate circumstances of her untimely death. Nevertheless, this one is better to watch with slightly older kids.

Family shows in netflix Night on Earth

29. Night on Earth

  • Suitable for: 10+; Rated TV-PG

This fascinating and visually beautiful nature documentary highlights the nocturnal activities of wildlife with enough mystery and artistic appeal to keep all but the youngest viewers engaged.

Family shows on netflix Motown Magic

30. Motown Magic

  • Suitable for: 4+; Rated TV-Y

This animated series is a feel-good celebration of music with groovy, vibrant visuals, positive messages about diversity and self-confidence, and a killer soundtrack that features all the best hits from the soul genre.

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