Netflix Releases New Trailer for ‘Elite’ Season 7 (Plus, Everything You Need to Know About the Cast, Plot & More)

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School is back in session at the prestigious Las Encinas—and we already know that class schedules and college applications will be the least of everyone's worries this year.

Intense love scenes, jaw-dropping plot twists and mysterious murders are just a few things we can expect to see in Elite season seven. Not to mention, Netflix is introducing a new line-up of talented stars, including Anitta, to the coming-of-age drama. And now, we finally have the chance to see what the new installment entails in the first official trailer, which has just been released by the streaming platform.

But here's what we really want to know: When is the show's release date? (Spoiler: It's October 20, 2023.) What will season seven be about? Who was added to the cast? And more importantly, who was holding that gun at the end of the season six finale? Keep reading for everything we know about Elite season seven so far.

1. When Did Netflix Confirm Elite Season Seven?

In October 2022, just a few weeks before season six premiered, Netflix announced the big news on social media and even gave fans a glimpse of the new cast. They captioned the post, "Meet the new faces joining #Elite7, watch out for a surprise."

The promo video included footage of each cast member posing in a photo booth, but fans got the ultimate surprise when Omar Ayuso, who left the series in season five, also made an appearance. This can only mean that Omar Shanaa is officially back in Spain and preparing for a comeback. And something tells us this will only add to the drama.

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2. What Is the Plot for Elite Season Seven?

In case you need a reminder, season six ended with a mysterious drive-by shooting and Ivan waking up in the hospital. No one knows who was holding the gun or who got shot, but someone was clearly out for revenge, and season seven will likely address that question while following Omar's journey.

The official synopsis reads, "Omar is living life at the university and far away from Las Encinas, but he is unable to move on. The guilt he feels for Samuel's death and the suffering from that period are still very much present, leading him to undergo therapy."

After landing an internship, Omar decides to return to the school and confront his demons—but he isn't the only one who's going through challenges. The description continues, "Through Omar's journey, we will discover that the rest of the students are also silently battling their own hells."

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3. Will the Shooter Be Revealed in Season Seven?

We’re in the dark as to what exactly happened with the shooting, but someone was clearly out for revenge, and season seven will likely address that question. Based on the events of season six, it's possible that someone connected to Hugo or Alex hired professional shooters to target Isadora. 

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4. Who Is in the Cast of Elite Season Seven?

Several new characters will be introduced in season seven, but perhaps the most notable addition is famous Brazillian singer Anitta. She'll be playing Jessica, a new self-defense professor at Las Encinas.

Joining Anitta are Fernando Líndez, who plays a sensitive new guy named Joel, Mirela Balić, who plays a new student named Chloe, Gleb Abrosimov, who plays Nico’s rebellious cousin, Maribel Verdú, who plays Chloe's eccentric mom, and Leonardo Sbaraglia, who plays Isadora's father. Newcomers Alejandro Albarracín and Iván Mendes are also set to join the cast.

As for who will return, there's Ayuso, André Lamoglia (Iván), Valentina Zenere (Isadora), Ana Bokesa (Rocío), Álvaro de Juana (Dídac), Ander Puig (Nico), Nadia Al Saidi (Sonia), Álex Pastrana (Raúl), and Carmen Arrufat (Sara).

5. Is There an Elite Season Seven Trailer?

Today, the official trailer for Elite season seven has just been released across Netflix’s social media channels. After watching the drama-filled sneak peek from beginning to end, it’s safe to say that this latest installment was certainly worth the wait.

The one-minute trailer starts with former Las Encinas student Omar (Omar Ayuso) being haunted by the memories of his time at the school. “That school really hurt me,” he says.

And that’s only the beginning of what’s to come in this new season. In the teaser, different characters are grappling with whatever problems they are dealing with, whether that be confessing their love to someone or battling an addiction.

But aside from all the drama and steamy hookups, there still remains one question at the center of the mystery: Who is the person behind the gun?

The trailer ends with the release date being flashed across the screen, which reads, “October 20.” Be sure to mark your calendars.

6. When does Elite Season Seven Drop on Netflix?

Fortunately, we won't have to wait much longer. Las Encinas officially reopens its doors on October 20.

The release date was included in Netflix's first-look teaser that got released in June, and fans couldn't contain their excitement. One fan wrote on Instagram, "I'm so excited to watch Elite again, this is going to be good!" TBH, same.

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