‘Elf’ Casting Director Says She Would ‘Live to’ Do a Remake and Names This Star to Play Buddy

She also has ideas for a sequel

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Christmas is right around the corner, which means we'll be revisiting some of our favorite holidays movies, including the 2003 comedy film Elf. This year, the festive staple celebrates its twentieth anniversary, which has us wondering whether we could expect any sort of sequel or remake any time soon. Turns out, the casting director, Susie Farris, would love to make one, and she already has someone in mind for the role of Buddy the Elf.

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During a chat with People, Farris said she would "live to" see a remake of Elf. When asked who she had in mind for the role of Buddy, the casting director said, “Off the top of my head, I'm just going to say Bill Hader.”

She added, “I just think that he's quirky and endearing and yeah, I'd like to see Bill Hader.”

Hader is known for his comedic roles in films like Trainwreck and Superbad, as well as for his eight-year stretch on Saturday Night Live. Apparently, Farris thinks Hader would bring those same comedic talents to the role of Buddy.

Bill Hader.
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As far as whether we'll ever see a sequel to Elf, Farris says, “I've read that Will felt like he gave this character all that he could give it...I think if Will wanted to do a sequel, there would be a sequel. Creatively, I hope that he is very fulfilled in life, but I'd like him to do this.”

Does Farris have any ideas for what would happen in an Elf 2? “I want to see Buddy as a dad,” Farris reveals. (At the end of Elf, we see that Buddy and his wife, Jovie, played by Zooey Deschanel, have welcomed a baby girl, named Susie.) As for who she would cast as a grown-up Susie, Farris mentions she'd love to see either Elle Fanning or Mckenna Grace take on the part.

This year, we're asking Santa for another Elf movie in our future.

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