‘Dawson’s Creek’ Star Joshua Jackson Fought Against Joey and Dawson Ending Up Together

From the beginning, many Dawson’s Creek fans believed Joey and Dawson were endgame. But, actor Joshua Jackson shipped Joey and Pacey much much harder.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 43-year-old actor shared that he fought for the couple to end up together. In case you didn’t know, Pacey and Joey (played by Katie Holmes) were in a relationship on the show. Even though they broke up, they eventually got back together, got married and had children.

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Dawson's Creek creator Kevin Williamson always thought Joey would end up with Dawson (James Van Der Beek). However, Jackson always believed Joey should end up with Pacey in the end.

“I am the advocate! I was like ‘Hell no! No. No. No. That’s not gonna work for me.’ I had a whole conversation with Kevin [Williamson] about this,” the actor said. “Like ‘Look, I get it. This is the idea that you had in your head, but I’m just gonna ask you to watch the tale of the tape and this is the more interesting end for these characters.’”

But, Jackson wasn’t the only member of the Joey and Pacey fan club. In fact, James Van Der Beek felt it was only right for them to end up together. During a 2018 cast reunion, he admitted the pairing “felt right” to him too.

“It seemed like it made more sense,” the actor said at the time.

Joey + Pacey always and forever.

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