Who Is Colman Domingo's Husband, Raúl Domingo?

They've been married for a decade

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Colman Domingo is having quite the year. The Emmy-winning actor, 54, won the hearts of countless fans with his stunning performance as a civil rights activist in Rustin, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Colman revealed that he had an emotional moment with his husband, Raúl Domingo, after they learned the news. He told Variety, "My husband was watching the feed. When they said my name, he literally laid on the floor. We had a little cry together. It’s unbelievable as someone who has been doing this work for three decades."

This Oscar nod makes Colman the second openly gay actor to be nominated playing a gay character to be nominated in the category. He added, "Hopefully, I won’t be the last. There are incremental changes, but we need more people to champion these stories. It doesn’t have to look like you to be about you.”

So, who is Colman Domingo's husband (and number one fan), Raúl Domingo? Here's what we know about their relationship.

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1. Who Is Colman Domingo's Husband?

Domingo is currently married to Raúl Domingo, a producer and writer who has worked on projects like New Moon, Sing Sing, Bottomless Brunch at Colman's and It's What's Inside, according to IMDB.

Raúl also revealed in an interview with GQ that he previously worked as an assistant costume designer. At the time, he moved to Juneau, Alaska, and took the job to be closer to Colman, who had also landed an acting gig there.

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2. How Did Colman Meet His Husband?

TBH, Colman and Raúl's love story reads like the plot of a Hallmark movie. The pair had a chance encounter at Walgreens one night, and the connection was instant.

On the Graham Norton Show, Colman recalled, "You're in Berkeley, California in 2005 and you're minding your business going into a Walgreens. I'm just going there in Berkeley to get a mask for the night, you know, facial mask. So I'm walking in and I see someone walking out, has beautiful hair down to here, lip piercing, beautiful. I see this guy and we look at each other. I'm like, 'Oh my God.' And I'm on the phone and I come outside and we look at each other and he's talking to this young woman and she seemed to be angry about something."

Unfortunately, Raúl left with his friend to go to a club, so the two didn't have a chance to talk. But just a few days later, Colman spotted a post from Aktanov on the Missed Connections section on Craigslist. He continued, "He placed an ad for me two hours before. I jumped up, I was like, 'Are you kidding me? That's me!' He described me with my fauxhawk."

Sure enough, Colman and Raúl reconnected and met up three days later for their first official date at a San Francisco bar.

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3. When Did They Get Married?

According to GQ, Raúl proposed to Colman in New York, and the couple got married in California in 2014. They planned a surprise ceremony by inviting 25 guests to what they thought was a house party. But when  the guests arrived, they greeted each person by saying, “Welcome to our wedding.”

For the occasion, Colman donned a Hawaiian shirt, and everyone danced until four in the morning.

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4. Do They Have Children?

Colman and Raúl have been happily married for almost ten years, but they do not share any children. Still, they continue to thrive in their respective careers.

Although Colman isn't a parent in real life, he'll be depicting the father of pop icon Michael Jackson in an upcoming biopic about the late artist. He told People, “Not only am I fortunate to have a rich, complex and flawed character to portray in Joe Jackson, but I also have a front-row seat for [Michael Jackson's nephew, Jaafar Jackson’s] incredible transformation.”

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5. Is Raúl Active on Social Media?

Since Raúl leads a private life, he is currently not active on social media. However, fans can expect to see the producer make appearances with his husband at public events.

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6. Have They Made Any Red Carpet Appearances?

Colman and his husband have made several red carpet appearances together, from the Golden Globes to the Critics Choice Awards.

In 2022, when Domingo won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his role on Euphoria, he gave a special shoutout to Aktanov in his acceptance speech and dedicated his award to him. He said, "A lot of kindness brought me to this stage, people who love me, people who lift me up. Thank you to those people. Thank you to my darling Raúl, this is for you."

Now that the Rustin star is up for an Oscar, we're pretty sure his husband will be by his side at the ceremony, cheering him on.

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