This Australian Show on Paramount+ Has a 100 Percent Rating on Rotten Tomatoes—and It’s So, So Funny

All hail 'Colin from Accounts'

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Not all rom-coms center their meet-cute around animal endangerment, but that is exactly what happens in Colin from Accounts, a charming and humor-filled Australian-born series that is now available to stream on Paramount+.

The show—which has a 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, a massive feat—is the brain child of co-creator and co-stars (who also happen to be married in real life) Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer. They play Gordon and Ashley, respectively, strangers whose paths serendipitously cross at a crosswalk, then become intertwined after a bit of harmless flirting (a nipple flash!) goes awry. Spoiler alert: Gordon distractedly hits a dog (Colin) who was a bit neglected and out on the loose. (It’s worth noting that this all happens in the first five minutes; also, Colin is injured, but OK!)

Still, a $12,000 vet bill follows, plus a no-pets policy at the apartment where Ashley rents. In other words, the plot immediately thickens, but both Gordon and Ashley are united on one front: They don’t feel comfortable taking the vet’s advice to put Colin down.

Beyond the show’s unexpected premise, what makes it such a star and worthy of a season two renewal, which it just secured? Read on for our honest review.

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What Is Colin from Accounts About?

As explained above, Colin from Accounts begins under some pretty unique circumstances—but that’s just the start. After Gordon, who co-owns a micro-brewery, and Ashley, a doctor-in-training, decide they’d like to take a stab at co-parenting Colin, a variety of circumstances make their efforts more challenging.

For one thing, Colin needs quite a bit of care—he’ll require a special set of wheels to move around for the rest of his life and he appears to be a stray (no collar or tags to be found). But the dog also moves from being a central plot point to merely the reason Gordon and Ashley are forced to stay connected. In fact, the most major issue working against them is their age gap—Gordon is in his 40s while Ashley is 29.

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PureWow Review: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

Like all great rom-coms, the secret to success lies in the chemistry of the cast—and Brammall and Dyer absolutely deliver on that front. Mundane interactions (like with Yvette the Vet, an ex of Gordon’s that he has no choice but to dial after hitting Colin) are laugh-out-loud funny. Not only that, the supporting cast is given equally enjoyable plot lines and dialogue. For example, Gordon’s quirky yet lovable colleagues at the micro-brewery (played by Genevieve Hegney and Michael Logo) are so skilled at giving him honest—and occasionally brutal—feedback, you’ll find yourself guffawing. Another scene in particular that involves Ashley’s mother and her boyfriend (played by Helen Thomson and Darren Gilshenan) and a photography interest led a friend of ours who also watches to send an in-the-moment text about her own spouse’s reaction: “He is literally rolling on the ground laughing.”

Beyond the humor and stellar cast, what Colin from Accounts gets right is the depth it allows its characters. Ashley could easily become a cliché, a woman in her 20s who turns out to be flighty and irresponsible, but she actually is the opposite: someone who is rather capable, a good friend and skilled at a lot of things. In the case of Gordon, he doesn’t want to grow up, but...he is a grown up with his own unique set of expectations and inflexibilities. The individual discoveries of their own personal baggage—and empathy toward each other in relation to it—are where the show comes into its own.

It’s also worth noting that Colin does get his due. His presence and necessity ebbs and flows in all the right places, despite that initial setback so early on in the show.

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Will There Be a Season 2 of Colin from Accounts?

Yes! We’re happy to report that it was just picked up for a second season. Better yet, according to Brammall and Dyer’s Instagram accounts, filming of the second season has already wrapped. As of right now, a release date as not yet been confirmed, but both Brammall and Dyer shared in a statement, “We’re super excited that Paramount+ has the good taste and exquisite judgment to renew us for a second season.”

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