You know what’s better than dressing up for Halloween? Dressing up for Halloween with your significant other. As long as you two have a baller/topical/punny costume, that is. Here are eight to consider.

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halloween faceswap
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Snapchat Face Swap

How to do it: Both people print pictures of the other’s face and tape it to a cardboard circle, to be held up to their own face.

halloween pokemon
Chesnot/Getty Images

Pokémon Go

How to do it: One person wears a red top and white pants (he or she is the Pokeball). The other wears all yellow and paints red dots on his or her cheeks (Pikachu).

halloween airpods

Apple AirPods

How to do it: Both people wear all white and make a point of not standing together.

Oprah’s Weight Watchers Commercial

How to do it: One person dresses like Oprah (read: breezy separates, curly hair, a nametag that says Oprah). The other wears normal clothes but carries around a loaf of bread, because if Oprah loves bread, we love it, too!

halloween phish

Phish and Chips

How to do it: One person dresses up like a fan of the band Phish (read: bellbottoms, lots of colors, anything even remotely hippie). The other dresses up like the title character of the '70s TV show CHiPs (read: as a police officer).

halloween ts

The Couple Formerly Known as Hiddleswift

How to do it: One person wears a blonde wig plus anything Taylor Swift would wear (read: high waisted skater skirts, crop tops, floral dresses—you know). The other person, Tom Hiddleston, wears a white tank top with “I <3 TS” written on it.

halloween netflix

Netflix and Chill

How to do it: One person tapes the Netflix logo to his or her shirt. The other dresses like a hippie. 

halloween lemonade
Columbia Records


How to do it: One person wears a frilly yellow dress. The other person wears all red and tapes a sign to his or her shirt that says "Hot Sauce." (You're the hot sauce in Beyoncé's bag...swag.)

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