8 Clever Couples’ Halloween Costumes You Haven’t Seen Everywhere

You know what’s better than dressing up for Halloween? Dressing up for Halloween with your significant other. As long as you two have a baller/topical/punny costume, that is. Here are eight to consider.

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netflix and chill halloween bed

Netflix And Chill

How to do it: One person tapes the Netflix logo to his or her shirt. The other dresses like a hippie. 

Laurel And Yanny

How to do it: Grab a couple of old white t-shirts and use red and green markers to recreate the viral sensation (one of you is Yanny and the other is Laurel). Walk around with headphones in your ears and be prepared for some serious arguments. 

queer eye guys
Roy Rochlin/ Getty Images

The Guys From ‘queer Eye’

How to do it: Pick two of your faves (or grab four of your closest friends for the whole gang) and dress to impress. You'll need a silk bomber jacket for Karamo, a French tuck for Tan, a short-sleeve button-down for Bobby, a crop top for Jonathan and a graphic t-shirt (or something avocado-themed) for Antoni. Gorge. 

halloween airpods

Apple Airpods

How to do it: Both people wear all white and make a point of not standing together.

tom hanks wilson cast away
Twentieth Century Fox

Tom Hanks And Wilson From "castaway"

How to do it: One person wears an unkept beard and the other dresses in a white t-shirt with a painted red face on the front. Easy as that. 

Chip And Joanna Gaines

How to do it: One person dresses up like Joanna (think: a chic blouse, jeans and riding boots) and the other as Chip (flannel shirt and jeans). The final touch? Donning a belt with tools and spending the evening talking about how excited you are for Demo Day. 

mr rogers and puppet
Fotos International/ Getty Images

Fred Rogers And Puppet

How to do it: One person wears a red sweater, white shirt and tie (he or she is Mr. Rogers, of course). The other wears a crown, fake beard and exaggerated makeup for the full puppet effect.

google art images

Google Art App

How to do it: Both people print pictures of a face (one the original and the other the painting version) and tape it to a cardboard circle, to be held up to their own face. Use your own faces or opt for the celebrity version.

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