Netflix Releases First Official Trailer For ‘Catching Killers’ Season 2

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True-crime lovers are in for a treat.

Netflix recently unveiled the trailer for the second season of the crime docu-series, Catching Killers. For the second time around, fans are introduced to some of the most infamous (and grueling) serial killer murder cases across America.

The investigators behind the notorious serial killer case, known as the BTK killer, return to reveal the chilling details surrounding different cases and their efforts to find the true culprit. The first season premiered on December 8, 2021, and was met with positive reception. 

Directed by Suemay Oram and produced by Louise Norman, Tom Keeling and Lydia Delmonte, each episode delves into the crimes of two famous serial killers. With a total of four episodes, the first installment centered around The Green River Killer, The Happy Killer and more. 

From beginning to end, the show takes viewers into the terrifying reality of tracking down a serial killer and the sometimes disturbing facts surrounding a case. Unlike some other true-crime titles on Netflix, like Unsolved Mysteries, this show is easily digestible and can be an entertaining watch. Though each episode is around 40 minutes long, the storyline has a steady pace that makes it an immersive experience. 

The second season of Catching Killers will premiere on Netflix on February 9. Some familiar faces that could return for the second installment are John Ingram (Detective Multnomah County), Jim McIntyre (Deputy District Attorney), Dave Reichert (Lead Detective/Green River Task Force), Steve Binegar (Criminal Investigations Commander/Florida Sheriff) and Mike Joyner (Former Lieutenant of Citrus County Sheriff’s Office).

Time to get the popcorn ready.

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