Casey Wilson Opens Up About 'The Shrink Next Door', the 2 Housewives She'd Have Drinks With & More

With a best-selling book, dozens of acting credits and a successful podcast to her name, it’s no secret that Casey Wilson is the Jill of all trades. You might remember her as Penny from Happy Endings, or maybe you spotted her in Bride Wars (which, BTW, she co-wrote). But now, fans are buzzing about her most recent role in The Shrink Next Door—a psychological comedy that's sure to keep fans guessing.

PureWow spoke with the actress, who recently partnered with Hellman’s for their #GetSpicy contest, and she had quite a bit to say about playing a real-life person on the Apple TV+ series.

“It’s definitely more responsibility when you're playing someone who's real,” she told PureWow. “And also, we really didn't know that much about the woman that I was portraying. So, we wanted to be respectful.”

She continued, “Georgia Pritchett, the writer, did an amazing job trying to imagine who this woman would be. [She] was married to a man who essentially had moved into his patient's home in the Hamptons and was living here for 20 years.” Talk about bizarre…

After discussing The Shrink Next Door, Wilson revealed that her guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives franchise. So, we had to ask: Which housewife would she have drinks with IRL?

Without missing a beat, she told us, “Porsha Williams and Sonja [Morgan] from New York would probably be my dream team, for the three of us to have drinks. Just because I think they're both the funniest housewives that I’ve ever seen on the show, but genuinely funny. I’m not laughing at them. It’s just that they're genuinely hilarious people, and they make the best housewives ever.”

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FYI, if you’ve ever wondered whether the Housewives enthusiast would work with any of the housewives, she told us, “You know, my ideal scenario is probably not ever meeting them in person. Or in life, I think. I like not flying too close to the sun and kind of talking about them as God intended, which is behind their backs on a podcast, just watching them.” (Wise move, Wilson.)

In addition to Housewives, Wilson got candid about the process of writing her bestselling memoir, The Wreckage of My Presence, which includes several personal stories and tackles serious topics. She said, “[There are] a lot of segments about my family and, specifically, motherhood and grief, and probably the loss of my mom.”

“Obviously, I'm more used to being in the comedic space, and I think it was hard but rewarding to sort of put myself out there like that,” Wilson continued. “And I think a book is kind of saying, ‘Here's my soul. I hope you like it.’ I'm ultimately so glad I did.”

Judging by the book’s success, it’s safe to say that fans also agree.

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