Best News Ever: There’s a Puppy Café Coming to NYC

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Dilemma: You just got home from work and Bruiser could use some quality time out of the apartment. But you could really use a glass of wine (and last time we checked, bringing a bottle of Malbec to the dog run was frowned upon). Sure, the city has a few remaining dog-friendly establishments, but soon there’ll be an even better way to keep you both happy.

The city’s first-ever dog café, Boris & Horton, will open in the East Village later this year. It’s the brainchild of a father-daughter team (aww), and it’s named after—what else?—their dogs (double aww). While NYC has seen a proliferation of cat cafés over the past few years, there’s been no canine equivalent until now. 

Instead of having resident dogs, it’s more of a BYOD situation, though non-owners are totally welcome, too. But the café will host events with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue on weekends, so you may just pick up a new sidekick along with your latte. Fortunately, that’s a risk we’re willing to take. 

And in case you’re wondering, everything’s above board with the health department—a glass partition will divide two adjacent spaces: a café serving coffee, wine and beer, pastries and sandwiches on one side and a dog-friendly area where you can enjoy your snacks while Bear makes new friends. 

Because let’s face it: Happy hour is a whole lot happier when it involves puppies.

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