The 25 Best Wedding Movies, Ranked

Which is your pick?

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid or simply gearing up to be a guest, nothing gets you in the wedding spirit quite like binging a few love stories (er, love stories with a few disasters leading up to the aisle). That’s why we decided to rank 25 of our favorite ones. Enjoy.

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New Line Cinema

25. "monster-in-law"

Jane Fonda plays Jennifer Lopez’s future maniac mother-in-law. Pretty cheesy but (shhh) pretty entertaining, too.

Sony Pictures

24. "made Of Honor"

There’s going to be a major Scottish wedding. Too bad the MOH—played by a dashing Patrick Dempsey—wants to break up the marriage. Dun dun dun.

Gold Circle Films

23. "the Wedding Date"

Debra Messing hires a charming male escort (played by Dermot Mulroney, ooh la la) to be her date to her younger sister’s wedding in a land we like to call every woman’s fantasy.

Columbia Pictures

22. "fools Rush In"

Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek’s families clash when they get engaged (because she gets pregnant) after a one-night stand. Come for the pre-fame Chandler Bing; stay for the Rat Pack tunes.

New Line Cinema

21. "honeymoon In Vegas"

Vintage Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker are having relationship troubles in—yep, you guessed it—Vegas. Good thing James Caan (and a million Elvis impersonators) is there to make a mess out of everything.

Touchstone Pictures

20. "three Men And A Little Lady"

Nothing like a good old-fashioned race-to-the-altar-to-break-up-a-marriage movie to keep you on the edge of your seat. As far as sequels go (Three Men and a Baby, anyone?), this one—starring Tom Selleck—isn’t half bad. 

Armian Pictures

19. "rachel Getting Married"

A post-rehab Anne Hathaway causes quite a stir when she returns home in time for her sister’s posh New England wedding. Proof angry Anne Hathaway is the best Anne Hathaway.

Fox 2000 Pictures

18. "27 Dresses"

Poor Katherine Heigl. If we had that many bridesmaids dresses in our closet, we’d get hammered and belt out Elton John songs, too.

Touchstone Pictures

17. "the Proposal"

Ryan Reynolds fake proposes to his boss Sandra Bullock to help her lock down a green card and the two plan a faux wedding in picture-perfect Alaska. The best part: Betty White (who plays Ry’s grandma) at the bachelorette.

Paramount Pictures

16. "runaway Bride"

Guys, Julia Roberts doesn’t even know what kind of eggs she likes. There’s no way she can pick a groom. (Cue the Richard Gere entrance.)

Columbia Pictures

15. "the Wedding Planner"

Yay, more J.Lo! This time, she meets cute with Matthew McConaughey (a pediatrician, duh) and the two fall in love while eating (only the brown) M&Ms.

CiBy 2000

14. "muriel's Wedding"

This Sydney-set rom-com features Toni Collette and plenty of ABBA. Yesss.

Universal Pictures

13. "mamma Mia!"

More ABBA! But this time it’s sung by Meryl Streep and, OMG, Pierce Brosnan.

IFC Productions

12. "monsoon Wedding"

Several generations of an Indian family unite for an epic Bollywood wedding with wayyyy too many logistics. But, seriously, this is the most feel-good wedding movie you’ll ever watch.

New Line

11. "sex And The City: The Movie"

Carrie Bradshaw’s Vogue photo shoot on replay for days, please and thanks.    

Gold Circle Films

10. "my Big Fat Greek Wedding"

OK, we lied: This is the most feel-good wedding movie you’ll ever watch.

New Line Cinema

9. "the Wedding Singer"

You’ve got an actually charming Adam Sandler. And allllll the '80s tunes.

Touchstone Pictures

8. "sweet Home Alabama"

As far as tough decisions go (marry the mayor’s son and collect a huge Tiffany’s rock versus open up a Soho boutique with your glass-blowing ex-husband), Reese Witherspoon has her work cut out for her. Sheesh.

Paramount Pictures

7. "coming To America"

In easily Eddie Murphy's greatest role, he renounces his royalty, flees the confines of an arranged marriage, discovers a new country, takes a job at McDonald's, falls in love, gives up on love, agrees to the arranged marriage and (spoiler) gets a huge surprise in the end.

Act III Communications

6. "the Princess Bride"

Like you haven’t worked “Mawiage is what bwings us together today” into a wedding speech or two.

Working Title Films

5. "four Weddings And A Funeral"

Aka that movie where Hugh Grant parades around in all the most dapper English duds.

New Line Cinema

4. "wedding Crashers"

TriStar Pictures

3. "my Best Friend's Wedding"

If we were Julia Roberts, we’d choose Rupert Everett (and all the Dionne Warwick sing-alongs) over Dermot Mulroney any day.

Universal Pictures

2. "bridesmaids"

Like, honestly, where do we even begin?

Touchstone Pictures

1. "father Of The Bride"

No, Steve Martin, we’ll never be too old for a game of one-on-one. Promise.

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