The 'Barbie' IMAX Version Has New Footage—Here's What You Might've Missed

From another Ken song to a Helen Mirren appearance

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Since Barbie made box office records, it's no surprise the hit movie returned to theaters for a limited time in IMAX format, giving die hard fans the opportunity to see it once again and check out never-before-seen scenes.

If you missed out on all the fun, don't worry we got you covered. Keep reading for the hilarious and wacky post-credit scenes that didn't make the theatrical cut. Plus, some fun bloopers from the all-star cast, featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, one character you see more of in the previously unseen post-credit scene is Weird Barbie (played by Kate McKinnon). She was already a hilarious addition to the cast, but turns out she had even more funny lines that didn't make the cut. It's reported that the SNL alum said things like "I'd like to see what nude blob he's packing under those jeans." and "I'd like to lift the cheese off that slice."

Also in the post-credits footage is Mattel CEO (played by Will Ferrell) telling everyone that "Barbie's in love with Ken" and Barbie (Margot Robbie) replying that she's not in love with Ken. The Mattel team then proceed to list all the other company's properties that Barbie could date. They mention toys like Hot Wheels, Pictionary and even Thomas the Tank ("Barbie, how do you feel about trains, sweetie?" one Mattel worker asks). When it comes to Barney, we find out that he's going through a divorce as Ferrell's character says, "No, I don't wish Barney on anyone," per Digital Spy.

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Movie goers know that this flick is already super silly, but the end credits ramp up the laughs even more. New scenes feature more moment with the Kens and apparently lots of fart jokes. One report claims, two Ken astronauts have a fart-off. Oh, boy.

According to Screen Rant, there's also a deleted scene featuring Midge (played by Emerald Fennell) going into labor and narrator—voiced by Helen Mirren—actually making an appearance to stop the whole thing. We are always down for a breaking the fourth wall moment.

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But the real scene that we wish they left in the film? Ryan Gosling's spoof of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Per Comic Book, Ken remixes the '80s hit as "Boys Just Want to Have Fun." It features a keyboard, dancing from another Ken (played by Kingsley Ben-Adir) and more singing from our favorite Ken.

Although we would've love to see this scene in the OG version, at least we still have iconic moments like America Ferrara's monologue, Barbie in the real world, and of course, "I'm Just Ken" to keep us satisfied. Fingers crossed, moviegoers can get to see these end credits later on when it hits streaming and digital soon.

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