There’s a Cozy Autumn Hideaway in Soho

If you’re anything like us, the minute the first leaf turns yellow you want to get out of the city and beeline for the nearest cabin upstate. (Something about the brisk air just makes you want to hunker down next to a potbellied stove, you know?) Of course, a lot of other New Yorkers have similar escapist impulses, which means all those Airbnbs got booked up back in August.

Thankfully, there are a handful of places that let us live out our rustic fall dreams without leaving the city (see: Central Park, Queens County Farm Museum). But we weren’t expecting to find one in far-west Soho, just around the corner from the Holland Tunnel. The Arlo SoHo—which you may know for its lovely rooftop—has transformed its courtyard into a miniature fall escape called Autumn at Arlo. 

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autumn at arlo pop up exterior
Courtesy of the Arlo Soho

At the heart of the space are two cedar cabins that were transported from the Canadian Rockies and reassembled in the courtyard. Both are decked out with cozy furnishings (antler chandeliers, plaid throws, rocking chairs on the porch) and can be booked for two hours at a time for groups of up to eight.

autumn at arlo pop up interior
Courtesy of the Arlo Soho

That means you and your friends can settle in for an intimate dinner (featuring dishes like brown sugar–crusted acorn squash with lemon ricotta from the on-site restaurant, Harold’s); seasonally appropriate cocktails like a Spiced Cranberry Sbagliato (Lillet Rouge, cranberry, Campari, sparkling wine) or a Caramel and Pear Sour; and cozy game nights (there’s a full selection of board games for the borrowing).

autumn at arlo pop up campfire
Courtesy of the Arlo Soho

In addition to the cabins, the fall installation will host a full calendar of events conducive to the autumnal spirit, including a bluegrass brunch every Sunday afternoon and Campfire Stories—a live storytelling event with comedians and music—every other Tuesday. The autumnal vibes are only sticking around through mid-November, before the courtyard gets reinvented again as a new holiday incarnation.

Best of all, once you’ve had your fill of the rustic environs, you’re just a subway ride away from your apartment. Because as much as we love channeling our inner mountain woman for an afternoon (or a weekend), we’re definitely city folk at heart.

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