Antoni Porowski & His Boyfriend Are Engaged! Here, All the Deets on the ‘Queer Eye’ Star’s Love Life & Fiancé

Bobby Berk and Dewey Do. Tan France and Rob France. We seem to know a lot about these Queer Eye couples, but what about Antoni Porowski and his boyfriend? Well, good news, his boyfriend has now become his fiancé.

While the Netflix star has spent a lot of time on screen, we know very little about his off-screen romances. As it turns out, he’s actually newly engaged to a man named Kevin Harrington.

So, what’s the scoop on Antoni Porowski’s boyfriend, er, fiancé? We’re giving you all of the deets.

1. Does Antoni Porowski Have a Boyfriend?

He did. But now he has a fiancé. Porowski announced the exciting news on Instagram and wrote, “I really hope the wedding photos are less blurry.”

The Queer Eye star was first linked to Harrington three years ago when the duo attended Bette Midler’s annual Hulaween charity bash.

2. What Do We Know About Their Relationship?

Well, not too much.

Since their first public outing, the duo celebrated "Farmsgiving" (see above) and Taylor Swift's 30th birthday together. They also went hiking in Utah and took a trip to Switzerland. Other than that, they keep their relationship on the down low.

antoni porowski joey krietemeyer
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

3. What Is His Dating History?

Before Harrington, Porowski previously dated Flipping Out star, Trace Lehnhoff. The TV personalities, who dated for about a year, first sparked rumors in 2019 when Porowski posted a photo of the couple at a wedding in Carmel, California, with the caption “11 is my favorite prime number,” referencing the shape they made while holding hands.

But before that, Porowski ended things with his longtime boyfriend of seven years, Joey Krietemeyer.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in 2020, the Queer Eye star opened up about his prior dating history.

“I never really had a traditional coming out,” he said. “I dated a man and then I dated women for several years and then I was in a relationship with a man.”

4. Has He Ever Dated Jonathan Van Ness?

Nope. When news broke that Antoni and Lehnhoff had split, fans quickly jumped at the idea of JVN and the food guru dating.

The duo managed to fake out plenty of fans with an Instagram account called “Jvntoni,” which featured a variety of photos depicting the two Queer Eye experts as lovers. Images include photos of the two cuddling, feeding each other, posing together, you name it.

However, Van Ness quickly cleared the air on Twitter, “Also for clarification, [Antoni Porowski] & I are a couple—of very close friends who run a satirical couple account and may fall in love someday, but that day is not necessarily today.” Porowski responding to the tweet, “Babe, what?! Um call me rn.”

Very clever.