Everything You Need to Know About Bobby Berk’s Husband, Dewey Do

Listen up, Queer Eye fans: Since the release of season five last week, we’ve been doing some serious thinking about our beloved Fab Five and decided that we needed to learn more about their lives outside of the show.

While we've gleaned a few tidbits from watching the show over the years, we know (almost) nothing about the stars’ love lives—including Bobby Berk’s. Sure, we were aware that the master of interior design is married, but who exactly is Bobby Berk’s husband, Dewey Do?

From their life in L.A. to their future family plans, here’s everything we know about Bobby Berk’s husband of seven years.

1. Who Is Bobby Berk’s Husband, Dewey?

While Dewey stays out of the limelight, we do see a lot of him on his significant other’s social media pages.

But even still, Dewey manages to keep his professional and personal life under the radar. Yup, this means we actually aren’t even positive what Dewey does for a living. However, after doing some serious digging, we found a tweet of Berk’s from 2010 (!), which hinted at his profession.

“Checking out condos in Saigon," he tweeted. "Building is great! Also has a mall I can open a Bobby Berk Home in and that Dewey can open his medical spa."

Medical spa industry? Sounds awesome to us.

2. Where Does He Live?

As we can tell from Berk’s Instagram page, the couple resides together in Los Angeles.

According to Popsugar, the duo moved into their current Los Angeles home just a short three months before Bobby was cast in Queer Eye.

“When we film with Queer Eye, we’re usually gone for six months, and this year we also filmed in Japan, so we were there for another month,” Berk told Forbes last year. “I have never been a huge homebody, but I’m home so little, that it’s my favorite thing right now—to be at home enjoying my house.”

3. When Did They Get Engaged?

While we don’t know exactly where or when the couple got engaged or married, we do have an estimated time err, year. In a Facebook post from last July, Berk gave us a little bit of information (but not much) about his marriage.

“Six years ago, my husband and I said ‘I do’ and were actually married by a very close friend of ours who was ordained,” he wrote. “We got married as soon as it was legal to get married and it was important to us to show the world our pride through our expression of love.” Too sweet.

4. Do They Have Any Children Together?

Berk and Dewey don’t have any children together at the moment, but it’s definitely on the radar for the couple’s future. Or at least, when the craziness of Queer Eye dies down a little bit.

In an exclusive with People, Berk stated that children are definitely in his “five year plan.”

“My husband’s always like, ‘I don’t want to be a single parent. You’re always gone,’” he said. “Like 90 percent of the time I am.”

bobby berk husband dewey do
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

5. And Most Importantly, How Do They Keep The Romance Alive?

We don’t exactly know the couple’s secrets for a successful marriage, but we can assume from social media that the pair has one big thing in common—their love of travel.

When they're not in L.A., the duo is flying all over the world, including places like Costa Rica, Cambodia, Venice and Maui.

They also keep their relationship going with constant texts and FaceTimes. They even employ a rule where they’ll try to see each other at least once a week, according to People.

“He’ll fly to wherever we’re filming or I’ll fly home when I can,” Berk said. “So usually two weeks is the max we’ll ever go without seeing each other.”

Sounds like these two have married life all figured out.