The Definitive Ranking of Every Disney Princess

OK, they all have great hair

As kids, few things brought us as much joy as Disney movies, specifically, the ones that featured princesses with pretty dresses and prettier hair and exciting lives. But not all heroines are created equal, so, without further ado, our definitive ranking of all 13 Disney princesses.

princesses aurora

13. Aurora From sleeping Beauty

We get that it’s kind of central to the whole plot, but girlfriend’s basically asleep for the whole movie. Zzzzzzzzz

princesses snowwhite

12. Snow White From snow White

The seven dwarfs are squad goals defined, we’ll give her that. But she should’ve known better than to eat a random apple from a scary stranger in a dark forest. That’s straight up irresponsible.

princesses rapunzel

11. Rapunzel From tangled

All we could think about the whole movie is how great Rapunzel would look with a bob.

princesses anna

10. Anna From frozen

She agreed to marry a guy after approximately 30 seconds, which is pretty reckless, especially compared with her regal as hell sister (more on her later). Also, she’s just kinda annoying.

princesses merida

9. Merida From brave

Pixar’s first female lead, Merida is as wild and untamed as her hair. She also gives Katniss Everdeen a run for her money in the archery department, though she loses a few points for turning her mom into a bear.

princesses cinderella

8. Cinderella From cinderella

If you can rock glass slippers without getting one blister, we commend you--even if you carelessly forget one.

princesses elsa

7. Elsa From frozen

Arguably the chicest of the princesses, Elsa’s side braid is what our hair aspires to be and she has magical powers. She also puts up with Anna, so major props for that.

princesses belle

6. Belle From beauty And The Beast

She loves reading as much as we do, gets to hang out with cool pots and pans and showed us that looks aren’t everything when it comes to guys.

princesses jasmine

5. Jasmine From aladdin

Physically impossible waist-to-hip ratio aside, Jasmine is awesome. She has a pet tiger and was not OK with her family marrying her off to some random suitor.

princesses tiana

4. Tiana From the Princess And The Frog

The only Disney princess to own a business, Tiana’s just the entrepreneurial role model we would’ve loved had The Princess and the Frog come out when we were its target audience.

princesses ariel1

3. Ariel From the Little Mermaid

Ariel has, by far, the best group of friends, the most magical hair and let’s not forget, a treasure trove of things you’d see on Antiques Roadshow. We’ll forgive her for trading her voice for a chance with a guy she barely knows, but only because Ursula is the best Disney villain. Oh, and 20 points for saving a person from drowning.

princesses pocahontas

2. Pocahontas From pocahontas

Is the movie completely inaccurate from a historical standpoint? Yes. Does that make being able to paint with all the colors of the wind or stopping an almost war between natives and settlers any less awesome? Not a chance.

princesses mulan

1. Mulan From mulan

Mulan is a total badass. Not only does she go to war so her elderly father doesn’t have to, but she also basically saves her whole country all while rocking a cool haircut she gave herself with a machete...a machete.

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