What Is Ali Wentworth’s Net Worth? Here’s What We Know

If we could spend the day with any celebrity, Ali Wentworth would easily be in our top five. Not only is she endearingly funny, but she also boasts a career that spans an impressive three decades, having appeared in several shows and published two New York Times bestsellers. Not to mention her writing and producing credits in the Starz comedy series, Head Case.

But since our chances of having a hangout sesh with the comedian are slim to none, we’re settling for the next best thing: a deep dive into her career history and massive net worth. Keep reading for details on how Wentworth earned her fortune.

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1. What Is Ali Wentworth’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the comedian, writer and actress is worth $16 million.

2. How Much Did She Make From Her Movies And Tv Appearances?

The actress got her start on In Living Color in 1992 and remained on the sketch comedy show for two years. She went on to appear in multiple films and TV shows, including Seinfeld, Jerry Maguire, The Real Blonde, Felicity and Nightcap. Her salaries for these projects haven’t been disclosed, but we're sure she made a pretty penny with her more successful films—including It’s Complicated, which earned a whopping $224.6 million at the box office.

3. What About Her Memoirs?

In 2013, Wentworth published her first memoir, Ali in Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales, which goes into detail about her upbringing and career. And in 2016, she made a comeback with her follow-up book, Happily Ali After: And Other Fairly True Tales, which tackles relationships, marriage, parenting and more. Both books were met with praise from countless fans, critics and celebrities, so she most likely reeled in a sizable amount of earnings.

4. And Her Real Estate?

Wentworth’s shared assets with her husband, George Stephanopoulos, account for most of her net worth. In 2008, the couple sold a home in East Hampton for $2.5 million, and two years later, they bought a 4,500-square-foot property for $3.5 million. That same year, they snagged a luxury Manhattan apartment for $6.5 million, and in 2013, they purchased another home in Southampton for $4.5 million.

Ali, if you’re reading this, feel free to invite us over sometime.

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