A ‘Golden Girls’ Themed Clue Game Is Coming Out Because Life Is Good

golden girls hero

Who ate the last piece of cheesecake? Was it Blanche? Maybe Dorothy? Sophia? Or Rose? It’s the shadowy question at the heart of the soon-to-released Golden Girls-themed Clue.

Yeah, we didn’t know we needed this either. But now that it’s coming out (according to manufacturer, USAopoly), our obsession with the coolest, pastel-poppin’ geriatric group in Miami is fully revived. Whether you’re thinking it was Dorothy in the kitchen with a wicker chair or Sophia in the bathroom with a lipstick, players can roll the dice to travel through the girls’ shared home to hone in on the real culprit. And of course, it’s complete with “weapons” like a comfy robe and Sophia’s purse. Yeah, the stakes are high.

While we’re aching to know who ate the last piece of cheesecake, the real mystery is who the genius is that came up with this brilliant idea. Whoever you are—thank you for being a friend.

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