7 Gorgeous NYC Rooftops You Need to Sip a Cocktail On

Sunshine, we missed you

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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Put on your sundress, straw hat and sunglasses, because it’s summer, dammit.

This calls for a toast. Here are seven amazing NYC rooftops where you must sip a cocktail. Immediately.

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The Crosby Street Hotel

The Garden Terrace At The Crosby Street Hotel

We kiiind of wish we didn’t live in New York so we’d have an excuse to stay in this impeccably designed Soho hotel. But until then, we’ll have to settle for an Empire Fizz (gin, Earl Grey syrup, egg white, Angostura bitters, lemon juice and club soda) in the sun-drenched garden.

79 Crosby St. (at Spring St.); 212-226-6400 or

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The Press Lounge

The Press Lounge

Your Instagram followers called. (Well actually, they texted.) Your photos haven’t been up to par recently. Put a few panos from the Press Lounge in your feed and you’ll be good for the rest of the year. Trust us.

653 11th Ave. (at 48th St.); 212-757-2224 or

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The Viceroy

The Roof At The Viceroy

Ever wonder what it would be like to live next to Central Park? Spend an evening sipping cucumber margaritas and gazing at the park from 30 stories up.

124 W. 57th St. (at Sixth Ave.); 212-707-8008 or

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Stk Downtown Rooftop

Until you’ve eaten a 16-ounce sirloin while gazing out at the New York skyline, you really haven’t lived. So live a little.

26 Little W. 12th St. (at Washington St.); 646-624-2444 or

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Haven Rooftop

Haven Rooftop

OK, in an ideal world, we’d spend the afternoon lounging in a cabana at the beach. But since we have work in the morning, we’ll gladly hang out on the Sanctuary Hotel’s airy Midtown escape.

132 W. 47th St. (at Seventh Ave.); 212-466-9000 or

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Gallow Green

Gallow Green

A rooftop bar designed by the geniuses behind Sleep No More that looks like a cross between a Savannah garden and a Tim Burton movie set? Don’t mind if we do.

547 W. 27th St. (at 11th Ave.); 212-564-1662 or

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Pod 39

Pod 39 Rooftop

Meetings? Reschedule them at our new rooftop office--we’re just gonna spend the next 90 days sipping rosé and hanging out up here.

145 E. 39th St. (at Lexington Ave.); 212-865-5700 or

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