The Best Damn Margaritas in New York City, Ranked

Pineapple cilantro, please

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Give us a marg on the rocks with salt and we’ll immediately forget being stuck on the 6 train for 30 extra minutes…well, make that two margs on the rocks with salt. Thanks.

Here are the nine best margaritas in New York City. From the classics to kale-infused, there’s a boozy treat for everyone.

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Gran Electrica

9. The Margarita De Remolacha At Gran Electrica

You love beets in your salad, so why not in your marg? This downtown Mexican joint mixes Pueblo Blanco tequila, Combier, lime juice, beet juice and simple syrup to create its signature cocktail.

5 Front St. (at Dock St.); 718-852-2700 or

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8. The Avocado Margarita At Javelina

Veggie cocktails are having a huge moment, and you can stay on trend with this creamy and surprisingly tasty libation. (Oh, an avocado is a fruit? Whatever.)

119 E. 18th St. (at Park Ave. S.); 212-539-0202 or

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Ron Richardson / Zengo

7. The Traditional Margarita At Zengo

Sometimes you’ve just gotta go plain and simple. And make it a double.

622 Third Ave. (at 40th St.); 212-808-8110 or

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6. The Hibiscus Margarita At Toloache

If you like your margaritas tart and sour, this sweet, refreshing treat made with real hibiscus flowers probably isn’t for you. (You probably hate ice cream and puppies, too.)

Locations in the West Village, Midtown and the Upper East Side; 212-581-1818 or

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Masa Y Agave

5. The Tamarind Mezcal Margarita At Masa Y Agave

Tequila’s equally dangerous cousin mezcal is combined with tamarind paste, cinnamon-infused agave, lime and a smoky kick at Rosa Mexicano’s downstairs agave bar.

41 Murray St. (at Church St.); 212-849-2885 or

4. The Mango Margarita At Rosie's

Claim a spot on the patio and sip a kinda-sweet, kinda-spicy concoction of Serrano-infused tequila, mango, lime, OJ and cilantro with a chipotle salt rim. Hey, that’s like, three servings of fruit.

29 E. Second St. (at Second Ave.); 212-335-0114 or

3. The Basil Jalapeno Margarita At Abc Cocina

This one means business. It won’t make you breathe fire or anything, but maybe don’t go for the super-spicy salsa while you’re drinking this guy.

38 E. 19th St. (at Park Ave. S.); 212-677-2233 or

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Melissa Hom /

2. The Pinapple Cilantro Margarita At Empellón Taqueria

Cool things down with a fresh and not-too-sweet pineapple cilantro margarita. (Unless you’re one of those people who thinks cilantro tastes like soap. And if you are, we’re so, so sorry.)

230 W. Fourth St. (at W. Tenth St.); 212-367-0999 or

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The Wayland

1. The Garden Variety Margarita At The Wayland

This cocktail made with kale and ginger juice is even better than your morning green smoothie. Why? Tequila.

700 E. Ninth St. (at Avenue C); 212-777-7022 or

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