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What New Book Should You Read This Summer?

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Maybe you’ve been on a real true-crime kick and are ready for some lighter fare. Maybe you’ve been slacking on your reading goal and have no clue how to get back into the swing of things. Either way, you’re in search of a new book and are totally overwhelmed by the seemingly endless lists of thrillers, memoirs, dystopian fictions and beyond. No worries—scroll down for a quick quiz to find out what new book you should add to cart next.


First Things First:




Choose a TV Show:

Modern Family

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

True Detective

How I Met Your Mother

Mrs. America

Russian Doll


How Do You Want This Book to Make You Feel?

Warm and fuzzy


Creeped out



Nostalgic for family


What Are Your Thoughts on Book Clubs?

Sign me up!

I’m actually busy that day…


Choose a Current Fashion Trend:

getty images

Blurred patterns

getty images

Loose legs

getty images

Ballet flats

getty images

Quiet luxury

getty images

All denim everything

getty images

Cargo pants


If You Could Only Read One Author for the Rest of Your Life, Who Would it Be?

Margaret Atwood

Jon Krakauer

Celeste Ng

Curtis Sittenfeld

Gillian Flynn

Roxane Gay

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