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7 Genius Beauty Tricks to Help Save You from ‘Winter Face’

Remember how much we complained about the humidity in August? Yeah, we’re idiots—we’d gladly trade the current Sahara desert that is our face for a little excess shine. Thankfully, we’ve hunted down the best ways to combat the winter havoc. Here’s how to trick your skin into forgetting what season it is.

Exfoliate Like It’s Your Job
You might think you’d want to ease up on the exfoliation when your skin is drier, but it’s actually the key to ensuring your serum and moisturizer can soak in. The catch? Manual exfoliants (i.e., scrubs) tend to be too harsh for daily use. This gentle glycolic-acid peel dissolves dead skin while soothing bilberry and chamomile prevent irritation.

Use a Humidifier
Your skin can’t really catch a break in the winter: It’s either getting wind-chapped outside or dried out by indoor heating. Optimize the half of the equation you can control by running a humidifier next to your bed to keep air moisture up throughout the night. Bonus—it’s also a godsend for those prone to dry coughing or sinus issues.

Moisturize ASAP
If you’re not familiar with the three-second rule, you should be. Basically, you should apply whatever product you use after washing within three seconds, or while your face is still wet. (Yep—for best results, skip the towel.)

Mask Your Way to Better Skin
Whatever your personal skin struggle might be, there’s a mask for that. Need a brightness boost? This turmeric and cranberry concoction is as refreshing as it sounds. Parched AF? An overnight sleeping pack will hydrate while you clock your eight (OK, six and a half) hours. 

Get Hi-Tech
Your well-intentioned fingertips can only do so much. Embrace the skin-care regimen of the future with these top-rated gadgets, which treat breakouts, de-puff eyes and more.

Try Skin Glazing
Aka the (sorta) low-maintenance trend that involves layering skin-care products to produce a dewy sheen. You’ll be so impressed with the fresh-faced results, you might skip the foundation entirely.

Highlight, Highlight, Highlight
OK, if you’ve done everything you can for your skin and it’s still looking a little lackluster, it’s nothing a few strategic swipes of luminizer can’t cure.

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