8 Genius Beauty Tricks to Help Save You from ‘Winter Face’

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Remember how much we complained about the humidity in August? Yeah, we’re idiots. We’d gladly trade the current Sahara that is our face for a little excess shine. Thankfully, we’ve hunted down the best ways to combat the winter havoc. Here’s how to trick your skin into forgetting what season it is.

Exfoliate (Gently)
You may be tempted to skip exfoliating when your skin is drier, but it’s actually the key to ensuring your serum and moisturizer can soak in. This peel’s glycolic acid removes dead skin, while its soothing bilberry and chamomile prevent irritation.

Pay Attention to Your Skin Barrier
If your skin seems especially temperamental, its topmost layer—the part that keeps moisture in and irritants out—might be compromised. Scale back to only the mildest products and see a derm to figure out what’s causing the damage.

Use a Humidifier
Your skin can’t catch a break in the winter: It’s either getting wind chapped outside or dried out from indoor heating. Optimize the half of the equation you can control by running a humidifier next to your bed to keep air moisture up throughout the night. Bonus: A humidifier is also a godsend for those prone to dry coughing or sinus issues.

Moisturize ASAP
When it comes to ingredients, hyaluronic acid is a hydration workhorse, but there’s a catch: Make sure you apply it while your face is still damp, otherwise it can actually dry you out even more.

Load Up on Vitamin E
If you’re not already BFFs with this skin-saving emollient, it’s time to get acquainted. Vitamin E is known to block free radicals, calm inflammation, fade scars and even out skin tone.

Try a Plant-Based Retinol
If you’re making the switch to natural beauty or your standard retinol products just feel too harsh in the winter, try products that contain bakuchiol instead. It has many of the same anti-aging properties as retinol but is much easier on skin.

Give Your Lips Some Extra Love
The season doesn’t have to be synonymous with a perpetually chapped pout. Treat the uber-delicate skin there to a hydrating lip mask.

Layer Up for Maximum Glow
Serums, oils and highlighters are all great on their own, but when applied in succession, they take the radiance up to 11.

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