Every Type of Bangs, Explained

Not sure what kind of bangs to get? Heck, not sure if you even want bangs at all? Consider this your field guide to fringe—so you know exactly what to ask for at the salon.

Should You Get Bangs?

blunt bangs
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Blunt Bangs

Fact: A full set of fringe looks downright youthful. Just barely skimming your brows and snipped in at the ends so they taper to your forehead, this style of bang works best on thick hair. Add some waves to balance the severity of the cut.

side swept bangs
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Side-swept Bangs

A side-swept style is instantly flattering to all face shapes, which might be why it’s often the first foray into bangs for many of us. The key to rocking them like Reese is to wear them with a deep side part and have them angled so the longest pieces hit the tops of your cheekbones (which slims the roundest part of your face).

blended bangs
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Blended Bangs

These long bangs are the lowest commitment of the bunch and meld seamlessly into the rest of your hair—which is the beauty of them. You still get the subtle, face-framing effect, but with virtually no grow-out period.

curly bangs
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Curly Bangs

Curls and bangs pair extremely well together if cut right. In general, longer fringe is better since curls tend to pop up as they dry. On that note, make sure your stylist cuts them when your hair is completely dry so you both can see exactly where and how they fall on your face.

curtain bangs
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Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs split open at the center of your forehead (like a curtain; hence the name) and frame either side of your face with slightly longer pieces at the ends. They soften a stronger jawline and are extremely versatile, as you can also wear them straight across or swept to one side.

feathered bangs
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Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs are a great option for ladies with longer, oval-shaped faces. Just about the same length as the aforementioned blunt bang, these are intentionally wispier and well suited for finer strands. Tip: Add a touch of volumizing spray at the roots and massage in with your fingertips to keep them from sticking to your forehead.

baby bangs
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Baby Bangs

Perhaps the boldest of the bunch, baby bangs fall just a couple inches from your forehead with a few longer pieces mixed in to soften the line. They open up your face and show off your cheekbones, while also minimizing a larger forehead. Get yourself a mini flatiron to keep any cowlicks in check. 

Finally! How to Style Your Bangs So They're Not Weird and Poufy

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