What the Dupe: How Does This $7 Product Measure Up to Drunk Elephant’s Luxurious Facial Oil?

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Are you completely obsessed with the luxury facial oil by Drunk Elephant? Naturally, the wildly popular product has sparked a dupe that might be of some interest to you.

On this week’s episode of What the Dupe, PureWow creator Matthew Boyd tested the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil ($68) and compared it to Trader Joe’s Marula Facial Oil ($7). Want to see which one came out on top? Keep reading for an honest full review of both products.

In the episode (see below), Matthew raved about having a more affordable option that can be easier on the wallet and still offer the same luxurious experience.

“Anytime we can find a Trader Joe’s alternative for a luxury product, I’m so here for it because the prices at Trader Joe’s are just, so beautiful and helpful for my wallet,” Matthew says with a smile. “And if I can find a product that works just as well as a luxury product at Trader Joe’s, why wouldn’t I buy it?

First, Matthew applies the Drunk Elephant facial oil on the right side of his face. “I look like a frying pan full of oil,” he jokingly admits in the vid. But soon, the product starts to sink into the skin and he ends up having a glowy look. “It doesn’t feel greasy,” he adds.

When he starts to apply the Trader Joe’s facial oil on the other side, Matthew quickly notices the product has a very interesting smell to it. “It smells like blueberries,” he laughs. “I love that.” 

Curious about how both products stood the nightly wear test? Click the video above to see which facial oil came out on top.

BRB, doing our nighttime skincare routine.

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