5 Things That Might Happen If You Stop Using Conditioner Every Day

It could actually change your locks for the better

Shampoo has been getting a lot of heat lately. People claim that it’s too drying, that you’re using too much of it and that it’s basically the root cause of all your hair troubles…which got us thinking. What about conditioner? Surely, if you ease up on one, you should ease up on the other, right? Well, here are five things that might happen if you conditioned less.

Your Hair Might Feel Lighter

Sure, your strands might not feel as soft as they usually do, but did you ever think about why they feel that way in the first place? Conditioners coat the cuticle of your hair so that it lies flat and smooth. Over time (especially if you’re shampooing less frequently), it can build up on your hair and weigh it down. Instead of conditioning every time you wash, try scaling back to conditioning only every other time you wash, and concentrate just on the ends.

Your Hair Might Look Shinier

It sounds counterintuitive, but buildup is the biggest culprit of dull-looking locks. Less conditioner means less of the stuff sitting on your hair--which, in turn, equals more shine for you.

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But Your Hair Might Get Tangled More Easily

Now, without the slick barrier that conditioner provides, you might find that your hair is a bit more knotty than usual. To keep it from looking like a total bird’s nest, work a few drops of argan or jojoba oil (they absorb quickly) into damp hair. Then, using a wide-tooth comb, gently remove any tangles from the bottom, working your way up.

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But It Won't Be A Grease Pit

While your hair may no longer feel like spun silk anymore, it also won’t turn into an oil slick within a few hours, forcing you to wash all over again. Also, isn’t beachy texture all the rage?

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You'll Probably Want To Experiment With Your Routine More

We’ve all been following this two-step regimen of shampooing and conditioning without question. When, really, how could the same thing work for all hair types? Luckily, there are so many products that “condition” your hair (oils, serums, leave-in sprays and masks) and ways of doing it, like say, before shampooing. Change the way you condition and you might finally discover your best hair ever.

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