Are You Using Waterproof Mascara Right? Here Are 5 Things to Know

Waterproof mascara exists for a reason. (To get you through a wedding…or, um, a particularly muggy Tuesday.) However, there are a few precautions to take when wearing the stuff. 

1. Look for “Water-Resistant” Formulas 
Many of them are just as long-lasting as their “waterproof” counterparts, but contain fewer drying ingredients. This makes them easier on the lashes overall (and easier to remove as well). 

2. Always Use a Lash Primer
It acts as a buffer between your lashes and the mascara itself. We like Lancôme's Cils Booster XL because it has conditioning ingredients like vitamin E and micro fibers that give us extra length.

3. Save It for Special Occasions
Waterproof (ah, sorry—water-resistant) mascara is good to keep on hand, but it shouldn’t replace your regular tube. The same ingredients that lock in the pigments can be drying on your lashes with overuse.

4. Use Eye Makeup Remover
Saturate a cotton round with an oil-based remover and hold it against your lids to loosen up the color before wiping off the excess. You should never rub or tug the skin, as this is what causes lash loss.

5. Condition Them Regularly
After removing your eye makeup, gently rub a tiny bit of olive oil onto the base of your lashes. Or for something a little less messy, swipe a serum onto your lash line every night to make them softer and stronger.


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