How I Cut My 10-Minute Skin-Care Routine Down to 2 Minutes

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I typically look at skin care as a marathon, not a sprint. But even a beauty editor can get bored of doing the same ten-minute routine, every single day, twice a day. Imagine if I could just hop into bed when I got tired and not have to play mixologist with a cocktail of serums, oils and moisturizers. I just want to go to sleep, already! 

Don’t get me wrong: I still love my fair share of products. But I was extremely intrigued by the simplicity of Vintner’s Daughter's new two-step system that infuses skin with every single nutrient it needs to look dewy and youthful. According to the brand’s founder, April Gargiulo, these are the only two products your skin really needs—aside from cleanser and SPF.

Five years ago, the Vintner’s Daughter made headlines for its extremely potent Active Botanical Serum, which manages to cold-press and infuse 22 of the world’s most nutrient-rich, oil-soluble botanicals into one tiny bottle. This year, the cult-favorite brand introduced its second-ever product, Active Treatment Essence into the mix. As if those 22 botanicals weren’t enough, Active Treatment Essence adds another 13 into the mix, all of which are water-soluble and thus couldn’t be added to the original serum.

Active Treatment Essence is kind of like a toner that hydrates and preps skin to receive even more nutrients. So in order to get the most out of the powerful formula, Gargiulo instructed me to use a gentle cleanser before patting and pressing the essence into my skin. Then, while my skin is still damp, she recommended pushing and pressing the serum in. Once dry, I would follow up with an SPF moisturizer to seal in all the goodness and protect my skin from the sun. That’s it.

After a month of using both products in tandem, my routine has totally changed. I no longer have to tote ten products to the gym before work. I have ten more minutes to myself in the morning. I get to bed ten minutes earlier and even have time for a few minutes of jade rolling before dozing off. But the best part? My skin is so much more hydrated and glowy when I wake up. Makeup sits better on my skin and I just look more youthful.

Yes, it's a pricey routine (the two products total $410, eek!), but when you consider that you barely need any other products, it's less expensive in the end. Steep price and all, I’ll take this two-minute skin-care routine over my old ten-minute one, any day.

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