No Matter How Much My Skin-Care Routine Changes, I’ll Always Remain Loyal to This Product
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Raise your hand if trying new beauty products is your favorite form of self-care (raises hand). And when it’s part of your job description (ahem), it’s also an everyday thing. I know, I know, not the worst problem to have. But as a beauty editor, with hundreds of products sent to my desk every week, it’s honestly a rare occurrence that I go out and buy a product once the sample is gone. But it’s happened with one product, and one product only: Uma Oils Ultimate Brightening Face Oil.

The name says it all: *Ultimate Brightening*. I slather a few drops on every night, regardless of whatever new product I test right before, and my skin loves me for it. It has a pomegranate oil base to speed up absorption, and it also includes a triple-action brightening blend to help fade the signs of fatigue, even out skin tone and correct imbalances—that last one is key when you treat your skin kind of like a lab rat most of the time. Not to mention, this luxe face oil is a team player, ensuring that all the ingredients (including vitamin C) are absorbed quickly for maximum effectiveness.

Besides the fact that it hydrates my dry skin like nothing else I’ve tested (thanks, sandalwood and rose essential oils), it smells like an absolute dream. Picture an Ayurvedic spa that gets all its products direct from the source in India, bottles them and delivers them straight to your skin. The floral scents are so relaxing, I almost can’t fall asleep anymore without putting it on. 

But the very best part? I have basically stopped wearing foundation to work because of this oil, which allows one extra snooze button tap and more than justifies the price tag. Any product that looks good, smells good and actually makes me ~glow~ from within earns a spot in my #shelfie for life.

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