Have Fine Hair? You Might Want to Try a U-Shaped Haircut

We’ve been in an era of shaggy haircuts for years now. From choppy lobs to wolf cuts and every iteration of the modern-day mullet, many of the trending styles we’ve been seeing have shared the common denominators of intentionally uneven ends and an abundance of layers.

But now, we’re seeing the pendulum swing, as more people are making a return to softer, rounder cuts with blunt ends—all of which is exhibited in the U-shaped cut.

What Is the U-Shaped Haircut?

The U-shaped haircut looks exactly like its named. With this style, the length of your hair is kept longest in the back, while the sides are gradually cut shorter with a few face-framing strands around your chin to create a rounded, U-shape all around.

One of the key benefits of this haircut is that it makes thin hair look thicker and damaged ends feel healthier. Because the ends are cut in a rounded shape, they give the softness and fullness of a blunt haircut without looking too bulky, thanks to the light layering that’s done around the sides and front of your face. In short, you get the best of both worlds: the volume of a single-length cut without the bulk that generally comes with one.

What to Ask for in the Salon

As with any hair change, it always helps to show your stylist some photos and videos of what you’re after. You can also mention that you want some light layers all around, keeping a soft 'U' shape in the back for fullness, alongside some face-framing strands in the front.

How to Style and Maintain a U-Shaped Haircut

Another thing we love about this haircut is that it’s fairly easy to keep up with (especially compared to some of the shaggier cuts you may have had in the past). The cut itself yields volume and bounce with a simple air dry, but you’ll get even lusher results when you blow dry it. Aside from that, there’s not much else to maintain. A U-Shaped haircut keeps its shape nicely as it grows out, but we recommend getting the ends freshened up every two to three months.

Are U-sold? We sure are.

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