The TikTok Foundation Hack That Can Save You Time and Money

Over the past year, TikTok has become the platform to source the latest beauty tricks and trends. Between strategic concealer hacks and imaginative ways to wear eyeliner, we’ve found plenty of ways to optimize our daily beauty routines.

During one of our more recent scrolls, we came across a simple hack that minimizes the amount of foundation wasted during application. See it in action below.

Instead of dispensing your foundation directly onto your makeup brush or sponge, you put it on the cap of your foundation bottle and use that to stamp the foundation onto your skin before blending everything in.

As Tamra Lords, the makeup artist who shared this trick explains: "You're going to use a lot less product and get a ton more coverage, and you're not going to have to wash your brushes as quickly, either."

We’ve been implementing this trick for the past few weeks and can attest that we’re getting way more mileage out of our foundation—which is great since our latest obsession (Huda Beauty’s GloWish Skin Tint) doesn’t come cheap. And yes, our makeup brush is a lot less grimy these days as well.

Thank you, Tamra, and thank you, TikTok.

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