19 Things Only Women with Curly Hair Understand

Like going to Costco just for conditioner

Some call it a blessing. Others, a curse. But whichever camp you fall into, the fact remains: Curls bring people together. So, let’s get it all out there and discuss the good, the bad and the frizzy.


1. Brushes are basically the devil.

2. You could never get away with murder. (You’d shed all over the crime scene.)

3. You might find a bobby pin in your hair six days and two showers after you last remember wearing a bobby pin in your hair.

4. But you’re one of the lucky ones who can get away with once-a-week shampooing.

5. Because, whoof, can you imagine drying that s**t every day?

6. Most of your trust issues stem from the fact that your hairdresser moved to another city.

7. You've never been able to figure our your natural part.

8. Conditioner to you is like juicing to Gwyneth.


9. Frizzzzzzzz. Sweet Lord, the frizz.

10. Frizz in the summer.

11. Frizz in the winter.

12. Frizz at the gym.

13. Frizz on any given Tuesday afternoon when a storm front passes through.


14. Baby hairs.

15. The constant fear of being caught without a hair tie.

16. The wholly terrifying idea of a man running his fingers through your hair.

17. The fact that you haven’t had a bob since 1983.


18. The fact that you'll never be able to pull off bangs (and that you had to burn all pictures from 1992 when you tried).

19. But the strange freedom of allowing yourself to show up places with wet hair. (What are you supposed to do, wait six hours for it to dry before leaving the house? Let us live.)

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