Here’s How to DIY Your Own At-Home Steam Facial Using Mint

Imagine you’re walking down the toothpaste aisle of your grocery store. There are rows and rows of options. Each one promises different things: Enamel strengthening! Teeth whitening! Breath freshening!

Now, depending on your dental needs, you might choose something different than we would, but we think it’s safe to say that most of us over the age of eight would agree on one thing: the flavor. Mint, please. The mintier, the better, in fact.

So when Colgate invited us to tour the very farms that supply the mint for its toothpaste (as well as many other beauty products we use everyday), we hopped on a plane and then another smaller plane and then drove two hours to see where the magic takes place. And we wanted to invite you guys along for the journey.

Join us for this very special season finale of The Glow Up to see what goes into flavoring the humble tube of toothpaste that’s sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. Plus, a few of our favorite minty fresh DIYs (including a steam facial that clears up congestion in minutes). 


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