The Best Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color

You're a grown-ass woman. You've been doing your makeup for years. But eye-shadow color matching still somehow eludes you on occasion (and everyone else for that matter, since it's one of the most searched-for topics on Pinterest's new Pinstyle Report). Ahead, the best shades that will make your baby blues (or browns or greens or hazels) sing. And for more tips and tricks, check out our beauty board

The 6 Best Eye-Shadow Tricks We Know

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If You Have Brown Eyes

Congrats: You’ve basically won the eye-color lottery. Just about anything goes with this hue. If yours are on the lighter side, accentuate your golden flecks with a warm, bronzy shadow.

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Or if you have darker, chocolaty browns, experiment with a blue-tinged shade like navy or violet.

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If You Have Blue Eyes

Icy blues work best with similarly cool hues like silver and even pastel pink, swept all the way up to your brow bones.

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You can also draw out steely gray tones with a heavy charcoal. And don't shy away from mascara—load up both the top and bottom lashes. Your blues will pop.

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If You Have Green Eyes

Lavender is your friend here. First start with a taupe base on your lids, and then swipe a little purple in the outer corners for a subtle, blended look.

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When you're not exactly feeling a smokey eye, go softer. Shadows with coral or even orange undertones complement a natural jade.

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If You Have Hazel Eyes

Keep it in the golden-brown family by using a light, champagne liner on the insides of your eyes, and press a darker cocoa shade in your eyelid crease to create depth.

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Or: Hello, smoke show. Create mega-drama with a gunmetal liner and a generous dusting of metallic shadow.

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