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This 100% Zinc Sunscreen Is the Only One That Actually Rubs In

Ever since I learned that there are actually only two UV-blocking ingredients that are cleared by the FDA to be totally healthy (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), finding a safe sunscreen has been a top priority. But let’s just say the search has been long and pasty. I’ve tried literally every mineral formula known to woman and they just don’t stack up to the undetectability of a chemical sunscreen. Is a non-toxic sunscreen that doesn’t take 15 minutes to rub in too much to ask?

And then, Supergoop’s newest formula crossed my desk. Meet Zincscreen SPF 40 100 Percent Mineral Lotion. Given the product name, I was a bit skeptical. Zinc formulas remind me of the white block lifeguards wore on their noses in the ’80s—which is definitely not going to work under makeup or for every day. But I like most of Supergoop’s other formulas (shout out to the Shimmershade SPF eye shadows), so I decided to give it a shot.

I’m so glad I did. I’ve been using this product for the last two weeks and my skin has never been happier. Zincscreen has a slight pinkish-nude tint, so there’s none of that annoying white cast left behind after application. But the very best part is the consistency: it’s almost watery, so it’s a far cry from those thick zinc pastes I had in mind. Two to three pumps easily blend in to cover my entire face, leaving behind a subtle glow that enhances my natural skin tone—I haven’t even been wearing my beloved CC cream. (Disclaimer: I did put on a whole face last Saturday night and Zincscreen worked flawlessly under CC cream, too.)

And because I’m a skin-care junkie, I also love that this formula is enhanced with clean ingredients like winter cherry and blueberry extract to help protect against blue light and pollution. As someone who sits in front of a screen most of the day and works in New York City, these two perks are now a nonnegotiable.

Did I just find a product that makes me want to wear zinc every day of my life? Unbelievably, yes. My dermatologist would be so proud.

Buy It ($42)

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