14 Summer Nails That Will Brighten Up Your Day (Yes, Even in 2020)

Raise your hand if you like to get your nails done before a vacation. (Womp, womp.) Though our travel plans may be on hold this summer, we can still celebrate the season with a festive manicure (or 14) so grab your polish and your favorite drink. It's time to paint.

What Is the Best Cuticle Oil (And Do You Really Need One?)

1. Tie-dye Tips

Aka the hottest color trend of 2020. Periodt.

2. Ocean Waves

You can practically hear them crest and break.

3. Neon Green

Tip: Layer a white polish underneath to really make the color pop.

4. Faded Ombré

For a softer take on neon, mix your brights with a little white polish before sponging it on the tips.

5. Neon Lines

Or steady your arms against a table and sweep on some sharp lines.

6. Summer Sunset

Like the cotton candy skies that light up each night.

7. Abstract Art

No rhyme or reason. Just use lots of colors.

8. Gold Lines

For our fine jewelry-loving minimalists.

9. Gold Leafing

Gold and nude: A classic pairing.

10. Pop Art

For nails that jump off the screen.

11. Tangerine Dream

Anyone else craving creamsicle polish (and popsicles, for that matter)?

12. Clementine Accents

The nail art equivalent of a bag of Clementine cuties.

13. Poured Espresso

Inspired by ribbons of just pulled espresso shots mixed with freshly frothed milk. Brb, need coffee now.

14. Split Blue Tips

Yet another take on the French manicure.

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